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Comment There's a real explanaton (Score 1) 303

The receiving site in the experiment IS in a mountain tunnel. The tunnel construction was widened to accommodate the laboratory as well as the road traffic. Italy paid for that. The tunnel does not connect the two sites. One lane of the tunnel traffic was stopped for the duration of the experiment to improve the accuracy of the measurements. Italian tunnel money made this science possible. Stop hating, yo?

Comment Great software, poor hardware selection (Score 1) 490

I reluctantly cancelled my TiVo service last year. Reason: They have no hardware that supports HD and satellite. I hate the Dish Network DVR's software - it's garbage compared to TiVo, but I can't spend the rest of my life looking at 480i.

I check TiVo's hardware offerings every so often - I will be a subscriber again when they support satellite an HD in the same box.

There is a local cable company, but I would sooner eat my own feces than give them a penny.

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