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Comment Oh how I wish for some smaller vehicles.. (Score 2) 891

Like say a compact pickup. I'd buy one if I could. (preferably turbo diesel, while I am dreaming) But the Ranger was discontinued, the Colorado is big enough to be a full size pickup of 10 years ago, and the Durango is big enough to be a semi truck, much less the "full sized" trucks. And it's not just the "merican" companies. The last time the Tacoma was mid sized was in 2004, now it's ginormous (same thing with the Frontier).

Comment He kinda cherry picked what phones he used.. (Score 1) 770

He kinda cherry picked what phones he used to make the point he wanted to make.

When I switched off my original Motorola Droid a few months ago it was up to date and had gone through two major upgrades in the time I had it..

With Android being so diverse and wide a market I say picking your MFG is the important part. And what I see in that list.. HTC is the brand to avoid. But I already knew that. Motorola or Samsung for me please.

Comment increase NASA's budget! (Score 3, Informative) 288

NASA is one of the FEW places where the $ spent MORE THAN PAYS OFF in actual $$s into our economy:

Every dollar spent on NASA actually GENERATES between $7 and $22 for our economy:

People who think spending $ on NASA is bad are the same kind of people that think treating an infected wound with HIV infected dog poop is good.

Comment Minimum time of owning stock & futures. (Score 1) 524

There really should be a minimum time that you must own stock & futures. Right now it is just all games and millisecond gambling. I mean really if you only own the stock for 1/10th of a second, why do you care if the company is doing good or failing. And if you can sell futures before they mature, how does that in any way relate to the real product that the paper represents.

Non voting stock should have a minimum 3 month ownership, if you buy stock in a company, you shouldn't be able to sell it again for a minimum of 3 months.. This would cause investors to actually investigate the stock they are buying.

And futures must be held till they come due.. If you are buying oil futures 6 months out, the actual value of the oil 6 months later should be what will determine if you gain or lose money.. You shouldn't be able to sell those futures before then.

That would put some stability back into the markets.

Of course I am just a layman and have no experience in the actual markets.

Comment Re:The big difference (Score 1) 821

How well can humans adapt when the climate changes (coastal areas underwater, rivers flood, fertile land does not get rain)?

Just fine thank you very much.

Humans are the masters of adapting and surviving. I have no doubt that even if the very worst predictions of the global warming alarmists comes true the human race will survive. And prosper. Oh there will be a thinning of the herd, possibly myself included in that number. But do we really need or want 7,8,9 billion or more humans? By environmentalists own words we are the problem.. well then we are also the solution, a self correcting one. Like bacteria that bloom in a petri dish when food is added, then most (but not all) die off when the food supply is exhausted.

Besides evolution and Darwinism requires some to fail, if there were no failures there would be no evolution.. Dinosaurs would still roam the earth. Stop trying to prevent change. Change is good in the big picture, even if bad in the small.

If you are so worried about it, move to Greenland where you will benefit from the coming changes.

Comment Why always hydrogen? (Score 1) 199

I am sure there is a good reason, but why are we always fusing hydrogen? Why not heavier, easier to grab - move - focus elements? Like fusing Iron or something, it'll turn into something higher up the elements ladder. Because we can shuffle iron about with magnets quite easily, compared to hydrogen that isn't magnetic. Just some very fine iron dust into the big magnet thingy and hit it with all that pressure. Or if not Iron, something else.. Why always hydrogen?

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