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Comment Re:There are two aspect of the problem (Score 1) 116

You, it is the smart move. Since the return for publishing in a high prestige journal is so great, it is unreasonable to ask people not to publish there. Asking people not to review for them is something that wont hurt the individual who practices that behavior. "When you submit a paper you consume reviewer time from peers. You have to give that time back to the community by reviewing papers." Or else? The journal fails? I think this is exactly what is intended...

Comment Battery (Score 1) 479

It seems reasonable to assume these two things: Nyteknik are right about this producing more energy than would be expected if reactions were chemical The whole thing is a scam. Did this guy just invent the revolutionary battery that will popularize electric cars?

Comment Re:all good technology kills jobs (Score 1) 308

There is a significant difference between "killing some jobs", and "killing all jobs". When the latter happens, we will see capitalism as never before: starting with two empty hands is not very easy if no one wants anything done. If you allow me to go out on a limb, seeing the increasing youth unemployment makes me believe we are already pretty far down the path of making workers redundant and useless.

Comment Sign the bios? (Score 1) 205

When the OS requests the BIOS to flash itself, the old bios should check that the new one has a correct public key signature from the manufacturer. Three could be a physical switch on the mobo for (the tiny minority of) people who wanted to use an unsigned bios.

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