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Comment Bitmaps vs. Vectors? (Score 1) 221

It's rasterised vs. vector! Unless the image is B&W (or any two colours) it's stored as packed-pixel these days. Multi-bitmap "planar" image formats (like Amiga's IFF:ILBM) got left behind in the 80's. Even SuperVGA cards only use planar modes when eulating an actual VGA chip or EGA card.
(it's surprising how incompatible SuperVGA modes are with regular EGA/VGA modes)

Comment Re:Apt-get install clue (Score 1) 303

Rogue is a graphical/visual interface. You can see all the monsters/items/landscape features laid out graphically on any text terminal. A non-graphical "text" RPG would be like Zork or some other so-called "text adventure" where you have to picture the lay-out of the game world in your mind.

And doesn't Rogue pre-date curses?
(as in it just reads /etc/termcap and outputs the escape/control codes itself)

Comment Atari Home Computer System (Score 1) 438

On the Atari HCS:
which, when entered and then LISTed back out, becomes:
You might also want to POKE 82,0:POKE 712,148 to use the whole screen and make the border colour match the background.

Atari BASIC rounds to the nearest whole number rather than just dropping the fraction; hence the use of "6" instead of "6.5".
(it's actually theï Atari OS doing the rounding, not the BASIC lang. cart. itself)

Comment Re:Go for an old console instead (Score 1) 267

Or get a Atari 800 HCS (Home Computer System)! Four joystick ports, four sound channels, four Player/Missile Graphics.
(read: four complex and four simple sprites; the simple sprites can be combined into a fifth complex sprite)
And they're still making games for it!

(and it's the only home computer sporting a text mode that actually supports true lower-case text! (as in descenders))

Comment Re:New Doctor is mostly disappointing (Score 1) 170

The problem with "Manhatten" is there were times when angels were clearly looking at each other yet they didn't freeze each other. Also; how the hell did that guy torture and injure an angel? They're supposed to be invulnerable when frozen. As in Time doesn't pass for them. Then again, I guess he could've just've looked away or closed his eyes while stabbing it with a sword or spear.
(remember what happened to Prof. Swan when she got too close)

Comment Re:Maybe I'm too young... (Score 1) 162

There are plenty of games and utilities on Linux that access the VGA chip directly via the "Shared VGA" library.

In fact any program running as the "root" user can access any I/O port and map any memory locations into it's virtual address space.

Comment Re:I always like to point out that (Score 1) 162

Actually the Missiles were 1 bit wide just like the Ball. But both the Missiles' and the Ball's single bit could represent 1, 2, 4 or 8 pixels on the VCS's 160 pixel wide screen. And the size could be changed on a per-scan-line basis meaning you could create diamond and ball shaped missiles/balls. Or keep them 1 pixel wide and change the position slightly every scan-line to create a "/" or "\" character.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 394

The default mode that VGA starts up in is 720x400x16 text mode. This can be extended to 720x480x16 for 80x30 text. Switching to a 8x8 (from 9x16) character cell yields 90x60 text. 256-colour mode automatically makes the pixels twice as wide so photographic pictures are usually viewed in 360x480x256 mode (e.g. Linux's "zgv" viewer).
And, on a monitor with size controls (i.e. not an actual "IBM PS/2 Color Display" monitor), you can get 800x600x16 (thus 400x600x256) if you don't mind a incredibly low refresh rate (below 50Hz).

Comment Re:Built on bleeding edge technology (Score 1) 138

Not sure about the VIC-20 but the Atari VCS and HCS (Home Computer System) and Apple ][ came out in the 70s. ProLogic's "Flight Simulator" for the Atari HCS is a good example of a game that utilises multiple threads of execution to simulate flying a airplane via polygonal graphics. This is in contrast to most games that have a main thread and a background thread ran by the vertical blank interrupt.
(and perhaps a third ran by the horizontal blank interrupt)

And don't forget Texas Instruments' TI-99/4 (and 99/4A), which also came out in the 70s. And, for that matter, the Intellivision; whose OS would move sprites for you (i.e. the game programme) via a background OS thread.

All these 70s systems had graphics and sounds effects.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 96

Sounds like 4DOS.COM for MS-DOS from the 90's. It was a replacement for the command processor ("COMMAND.COM"). You could type:
and typing "CD " and then CONTROL-TAB would give you a list of directories. For EDLIN it would also show text files. For GIFCHECK it would show directories and GIF files.
And when I type CD TOME it knows to swtich to \GAMES\ANGBAND\TOME.
(if I use CDD instead it even changes the currently loggged drive to C:)
If I type CD COMM\*A*.* it would look for a directory (in the directory-tree database) with a "A" anywhere in the filename and any extention whose parent directory is named COMM.

And, if you were using NDOS from Norton Utilities, then you were using 4DOS. Try it out at <URL:>.

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