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Comment Re:Methinks people don't appreciate the scales her (Score 1) 299

If short term space missions are not worth bothering, the question becomes, when have we reached the long term? If we don't try anything new now, then there might not be any significantly different technology in a hundred years. I agree that this particular project sounds a bit too grand for our current level of technology, but I hope that doesn't stop us from continuing to travel further and further from home (Mars, Titan, etc.).

Comment Re:Red Heading (Score 2) 536

The red heading means you're a logged in user with enough karma to get a preview of the story before it goes live for everyone. I've seen it a few times, but it usually doesn't take long before its public and open (typically by the time I've refreshed the page).

Comment Re:An important caveat is missing (Score 1) 483

Though at the same time, how many more schools are there now than there used to be? Whenever you look at just the raw numbers without looking at their percentage in the population, you risk claiming something is more prevalent even if really there are just more opportunities for it to happen.

I'm not saying I necessarily disagree with you, as there are signs indicating that they are indeed increasing, but I just want to warn you to look at the whole picture when looking at statistics.

Comment Re:TV? (Score 1) 483

I think the point most people disagree with is this line right here:

The proposed label would be required even if the video game in question is not violent.

Now, if this kind of label were required on games like Call of Duty, I personally wouldn't mind. But sticking this on all games, including games like Madden, SSX, Mario Kart, and all those other non-violent games out there is kind of ridiculous.

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