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Comment Re:Drugs over a border anyone? (Score 2) 87

Well then the correct solution would be to remove the need or desire for people to want to gas each other by using the resources of the Earth responsibly and efficiently, utilising the best known science and technology, without the restrictions of imaginary ownership and contrived money sequences, to create a society conducive to peace and health. Peace and health are values which have no cultural relativity. Only a really insane person would want to destroy such a system, and reducing self-destructive behaviour like the destruction of another person is what a society conducive to health would be about. There would be no need for dominance and subordination because everyone could be fed, housed and educated equally and freely, driven by their own inborn desire to better themselves and thereby bettering all others. Science shows that dominance and subordination are not conducive to health. And science is not a cold thing or only half of the picture, it's literally the understanding of nature, which is the Universe and everything in it including ourselves. Technology is the application of science, and includes everything from wheels to computers. To build a society along these lines and thereby aligning with our understanding of the state and functions of the Universe is, of course, natural and conducive to peace and health. A Utopia is not possible unless perfection is actually attainable, but by tending towards perfection is the surest way to find out. So, again, the correct solution is not to ban the technology. I mean it may be a good short-term solution but it's patchwork.

Comment Re:Godwin (Score 1) 179

In a homogeneous group there is no problem that can be recognized, there is only what is and that is what is right and must be. If every citizen of the world had the same value system it would not be subject to analysis, right? Like an asexually reproductive organism it is unable to react to some new disease. If everyone had the same value system there would be no problem even if people were killing each other in the streets as part of that value system.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

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