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Comment Re:Yeah, I thought of the same (Score 1) 450

Beat me to it.

There comes a time when we don't heed a certain call
When the world mustn't come together as one
There aren't people dying
And it isn't time to lend a hand to life
The greatest gift of all

We can go on pretending day by day
That someone, somewhere will soon make a change
We all aren't a part of God's great big family
And the truth, you know,
Love isn't all we need

Comment Re:I'll tell you what's gross. (Score 1) 359

Those other sports at least offer a modicum of complexity, and showcase human physique/initiative. What NASCAR and driving sports of its ilk offer in the way of intellectual pleasure I couldn't tell you. But the spectacle of vehicles moving around at high speed just seems to click with people. I always think of the similarly monotonous Roman chariot races, which at least sported a bit of hand-to-hand combat from the drivers, but otherwise don't seem much more interesting than cars flying around and around. Perhaps there was a survival advantage for humans who were transfixed by herds of game hauling ass around the veldt.

Mostly I posted the link because it's funny, which is about all I have to contribute here anyway.

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