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Comment Re:Misleading, incorrect information for fools (Score 1, Insightful) 326

Please also see this

No Hazard
(White Zone)
        The likelihood of a collision is zero, or is so low as to be effectively zero. Also applies to small objects such as meteors and bodies that burn up in the atmosphere as well as infrequent meteorite falls that rarely cause damage.

Comment Misleading, incorrect information for fools (Score 3, Informative) 326

Actually there are many objects we are monitoring, please see
This object's impact probability is 7.1*10E-4. That's 0.00071, and not 1/1000.
The Torino Scale Color says white, which means impact is almost impossible.
Most of the times even if the probability is increased, it is quickly reduced after some investigation.
Currently the most dangerous object is 2007 VK184 (2048-2057) which gets green rating. This article is nothing more than sensationalist and stupid.

Comment Re:Ho hum (Score 0) 208

Cars have been turning well for decades now. It isn't rocket science anymore. The real improvements in cars have come in the field of safety, nothing much has changes elsewhere.. And electric cars aren't exactly new, they're just popular now cause we have this environment/oil problem.

Comment Pfft.. (Score 0) 110

What matters is what you leverage it for, not how many use it- China has like 1.3 billion people right. And still it hasn't produced the great scientists, inventors, or respected companies. They are implementers and consumers, not innovators and are treated as such

Submission + - Ex-BT Futurologist : Sentient Entities By 2015 (

siliconbits writes: Fujitsu asked BT's former Futurologist, Ian Pearson, to write a report on how technology is influencing our lives. He still believes, like Kurzweil, that the day when machines will become sentient is not far. Indeed he says that the so called technological singularity will happen as early as 2015.

Submission + - Vodafone launches solar-powered mobile phone (

An anonymous reader writes: Telecom major Vodafone Essar has launched eco-friendly solar charging handset in India.
Since electricity is not yet readily available in many parts of rural India, even mobile phone charging is a big problem there. With this new phone Vodafone is planning to extend its user base to include those people.
Vodafone says that the phone do not need to be exposed to direct sunlight. It can charge from the ambient light. The phone is expected to cost Rs. 1300 (aprox. $32).

Comment Re:So now the web will go back to looking like 199 (Score 0) 296

Forget about fair moderation from Slashdot nowadays. Moderation has gone to the dogs with mass idiots joining this site. My previous account got modded down so severely to Karma terrible that my posts could not be read by anyone unless they browsed at -1. This new account has bad karma too. I now plan on trying a new system, view at 0 and mod up all on my friends list to +5,

Comment Re:And.... (Score 0) 284

I would like to know this too. PC batteries are the worst, they last 1 year or 300 cycles. Macs are far better, rated at 1000 cycles. But it's still not good enough considering the life of the product.

This is flamebait? This goes to show that this moderation system sucks.

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