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Comment Re:Summary does not answer title (Score 1) 209

Part of the reason is that several of the very earliest attempts at the scam, using standard postage, did originate from Nigeria. In the 1970's, I received a couple of them. (I worked in the petroleum industry at the time.) They were hand written and both were postage stamped from Nigeria. Over time, they have modernized their approach only slightly but still follow the basic outline. Now, it hardly matters where the email originated; they only need a story that can be made to sound credible to a few recepients in order to make it worthwhile.

Comment You Probably Haven't Spent Much TIme Near One (Score 3, Interesting) 533

In general, the sounds are not all that pleasant to live with. The make a lot more noise that most people would think until you actually get close to one or, even more, close to a whole wind farm of them. Most (but not all) people who complain about the noise of nearby trains or airports are at the disatvantage that the tracks or airport was there first. In this case, if you already have a home and someone else wants to put this unpleasant noisemaker near by, it seems that you might have some right to complain.

Comment Re:Dart Maybe? (Score 1) 421

The reference to 10-cm is (probably unintentionally) misleading. I was thrown off at first until I went to the gismag article. The 10-cm is the length of the projectile. In the picture, the bore appears more on the order of .50 cal. This is why so many replies have referred to it as a dart.

Submission + - DIY Phased Array Radar Sensor From Pegboard and Wi ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Yes, you read that correctly.

No hard technical details are out yet, but this amazing project from MIT radar hackers Drs. Bradley Perry, Jonathan Paul Kitchens, Patrick Bell, Jeffrey Herd, and MAKE regular Gregory L. Charvat is soon to be published as part of MIT’s open courseware initiative. Cost of parts is about $950. The course abstract describes a “laptop-based phased array radar sensor capable of imaging moving targets in real-time, like a ‘radar video camera’.”....


Submission + - Exploits emerge for Linux privilege escalation fla (

angry tapir writes: "Linux vendors are rushing to patch a privilege escalation vulnerability in the Linux kernel that can be exploited by local attackers to gain root access on the system. The vulnerability, which is identified as CVE-2012-0056, was discovered by Jüri Aedla and is caused by a failure of the Linux kernel to properly restrict access to the "/proc//mem" file."
The Internet

Submission + - Harvard Business Review comes out against SOPA (

hype7 writes: "The Harvard Business Review has come out with an article extremely critical of SOPA. As opposed to a battle of "content" vs "technology", they are characterizing it as a battle of "giants" vs "innovators". From the article: "If you take a look at many of the largest backers of SOPA and PIPA — the Business of Software Alliance, Comcast, Electronic Arts, Ford, L'Oreal, Scholastic, Sony, Disney — you'll see that they represent a wide range of businesses. Some are technology companies, some are content companies, some are historic innovators, and some are not. But one characteristic is the same across all of SOPA's supporters — they all have an interest in preserving the status quo. If there is meaningful innovation by startups in content creation and delivery, the supporters of SOPA and PIPA are poised to lose.""

Submission + - Scammers replacing iPads with bags of clay in Cana (

An anonymous reader writes: A group of thieves in Canada managed to upset a number of legitimate consumers come Christmas morning when they opened their iPad 2 packaging to find nothing but a bag of clay, in some cases even the charger had been replaced with clay.

What the scammers had managed to do was purchase iPad 2s, remove the tablet, and then make up the weight and shape with clay. They also had the necessary tools and materials to professionally reseal the iPad 2 box so it looks as if it had never been opened. The stores accepted the tablets back as returns without further checks because they were sealed, and then proceeded to resell them to other customers.


Submission + - Oracle Permitted To Depose Larry Page (

jfruhlinger writes: "Google-Oracle news coming fast and furious: not long after Google claimed that Sun offered to license Java for substantially less than the damages Oracle is demanding, a California judge has agreed that Oracle can summon Google CEO Larry Page to a legal deposition. Their questioning will be "for a maximum of two hours, excluding breaks, solely on topics relevant to the willfulness of the defendant's alleged patent infringement, and the value of Android to the defendant.""

Submission + - iPhone tracking app (

An anonymous reader writes: Want to know how to track an iPhone? If you’re looking for a way to track an iPhone, there are numerous options available to you. However, before you decide on which iPhone tracking app to purchase, you must first determine your reasons for wanting to know how to track an iPhone. You can go with a ‘FREE’ option that will give you great tracking info, or you can go for a ‘STEALTH’ option which offers tracking, plus a variety of spy features.

Submission + - Anon+ Hacked By Irate Turks (

Stoobalou writes: Hacktivism collective Anonymous has suffered a taste of its own medicine, with its recently-formed pro-anonymity social networking service Anon+ falling foul of Turkish hackers.

Submission + - Car automatically stops short of pedestrians (

netbuzz writes: "With collision-avoidance systems becoming more advanced and widely used, Toyota has taken the technology up another level by fashioning what it claims is the first system that can detect not only other vehicles but pedestrians. The demonstration video shows the system working under ideal conditions, but it’s impressive nonetheless."

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