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Submission + - Oracle Permitted To Depose Larry Page (

jfruhlinger writes: "Google-Oracle news coming fast and furious: not long after Google claimed that Sun offered to license Java for substantially less than the damages Oracle is demanding, a California judge has agreed that Oracle can summon Google CEO Larry Page to a legal deposition. Their questioning will be "for a maximum of two hours, excluding breaks, solely on topics relevant to the willfulness of the defendant's alleged patent infringement, and the value of Android to the defendant.""

Submission + - iPhone tracking app (

An anonymous reader writes: Want to know how to track an iPhone? If you’re looking for a way to track an iPhone, there are numerous options available to you. However, before you decide on which iPhone tracking app to purchase, you must first determine your reasons for wanting to know how to track an iPhone. You can go with a ‘FREE’ option that will give you great tracking info, or you can go for a ‘STEALTH’ option which offers tracking, plus a variety of spy features.

Submission + - Anon+ Hacked By Irate Turks (

Stoobalou writes: Hacktivism collective Anonymous has suffered a taste of its own medicine, with its recently-formed pro-anonymity social networking service Anon+ falling foul of Turkish hackers.

Submission + - Car automatically stops short of pedestrians (

netbuzz writes: "With collision-avoidance systems becoming more advanced and widely used, Toyota has taken the technology up another level by fashioning what it claims is the first system that can detect not only other vehicles but pedestrians. The demonstration video shows the system working under ideal conditions, but it’s impressive nonetheless."

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 283

I hadn't thought about it in that light. I haven't had my Kindle long enough to have had much experience with books like manuals where one struggles to get comprehension from written words. I have had cases like that where I am scanning back 10 to twenty pages or in a previous chapter looking for something I was trying to remember and I have a mental picture that it was in the top middle on the left column of the right page - or some equal gibberish like that. However, for reading narrative, I think that the light weight and convenience of the e-reader is likely displace the dead tree form for me. (Unfortunately, time for reading narrative is very hard to find.)

Comment Re:22% abstain completely? (Score 1) 550

The keyword in the poll is "regularly". Hopefully, respondents don't have infections like pneumonia on a regular basis. I also agree that age comes into play. Yes, most slashdot participants are younger than me but in my mid-60's, I take two medicines a day for high blood pressure, and two a day for cholesterol control - these are for obvious health. I take one a day for control of allergies; one could argue that qualifies as "convenience" rather than necessity. There is a muscle relaxant that I take at bedtime to ease spinal tension and help me sleep - also as a convenience. I have other prescriptions that I use as needed rather than regularly. However, the point is that until sometime in my late forties or early fifties, I didn't take any "regularly" and had abstained for most of my life based on lack of need rather than any philosophic statement. I expect that many of the "abstainers" are in the same boat.
Social Networks

Submission + - Social media used to track disease outbreak (

Shipud writes: In February this year, over 120 delegates of the DOMAINFest in Santa Monica, California came down with symptoms of a respiratory illness. The convention included a trip to the Playboy mansion, which later was identified as the outbreak source. The convention was held Feb 1-4, 2011. The first inquiry to the LA County Department of Health (LAC DPH) of a suspected Legionnaire's Disease outbreak was made February 11. But upon tracing the outbreak, LAC DPH officials discovered a trail of reports preceding February 11 in social media, including Facebook and Twitter. The Wikipedia entry for legionelliosis was updated almost at the same time as when the LAC DPH report was made. The researchers concluded that social media updates helped the track the outbreak both through going through delegates tweets and Facebook posts, and also in the fast dissemination of questionnaires to track the outbreak source.

Submission + - What Does IQ Really Measure? ( 2

sciencehabit writes: Kids who score higher on IQ tests will, on average, go on to do better in conventional measures of success in life: academic achievement, economic success, even greater health, and longevity. Is that because they are more intelligent? Not necessarily. New research concludes that IQ scores are partly a measure of how motivated a child is to do well on the test. And harnessing that motivation might be as important to later success as so-called native intelligence.

Submission + - Bourbon Powered Car A Hoax (

dailyloadmaster writes: The story of the Bourbon Powered Car is a Hoax. Chicago based comedy writer and former stand-up comedian Dan Carlson, creates news for April 14 Carlson concocted his story about a Kentucky man inspired by the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the guys from American Pickers to turn is junk into a car that runs on bourbon.

The Daily Load is a satire news site that has the line “because the real news sucks” right in it’s header, yet this story caught fire and was reposted around the internet, eventually picked up by legitimate news sources.

A search of “Bourbon Powered Car”, “Kentucky Man Invents Bourbon Car” etc. show hundreds of sites posting this “news” story.

Submission + - Malware Alert! 40,000 sites and counting (

An anonymous reader writes: This relatively new piece of malware is infecting websites at a fast and furious pace. Very important for webmasters and admins to know about this. Everyone should check their website for this, and remove it asap. This article shows the actual malware and that Anti-Viruses are horrendous at detecting it.

Submission + - argentina , growing in the use of clean energy (

diegowowp writes: Argentina tops the world rankings for growth, year by year, use low-carbon technology, while China remains the country with more investment in this area, says a study.

According to the Chinese invested U.S. $ 54,400 million in 2010 compared to U.S. $ 39,100 million in 2009.

United States, its investment rose 51 %to U.S. $ 34,000 ,fell from second to third place in the standings,behind Germany , with U.S. $ 41,200 million .

In terms of growth year on year, Argentina leads the standings as increased investment in 568% in 2010 compared to 2009.

Globally, the sector (not including nuclear energy) attracted $ 243,000 in investment, an increase of 30% since 2009 and an increase of no less than 630% since 2004.


Submission + - Computer Science Interest at Stanford Skyrocketing (

kkleiner writes: "After years of declining student interest, what started as an upturn in enrollments back in 2006 has emerged into a department swelling with students and growth continues to increase. Enrollments in CS106A, Introduction to Computer Science — Programming Methodology, for academic year 2009-2010 were up 51% from the previous two years, which witnessed about 20% growth. But more amazing still is that enrollment in the first quarter of the 2010-2011 school year was already up 120% from 2009. Perhaps these enrollment numbers reflect something deeper happening in the technoculture we now live in."

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