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Comment Re:Nobody uses OTA... (Score 1) 589

I use OTA.

I have cable internet. I turned off the video, turned in the box, and put an antenna in my attic pointed at the HD towers.

I get great picture, never have to hear my wife say "we pay for this?!" or care about how many channels are showing variants of "Law and Order."

Of course, when they do actually do the transition, the bastards are changing the frequencies they broadcast on, so instead of being all UHF, they'll be back in VHF as well. I'll need to get another antenna, and rescan for channels.

Why they couldn't just stick with the mapping of 59.xx to 5-1 which has worked well for the past few years, I do not know.


Submission + - Neuros negotiates release of DSP toolchain from TI

firewort writes: Neuros, makers of the Neuros Audio mp3 and ogg player and the new OSD, have negotiated the open source release of a DSP toolchain from Texas Instruments. "The toolchain includes a compiler, optimizer, assembler, and linker. The OSD is based on a TI DM320, and features a C54x DSP clocked at 120MHz. The C54x is also found in DM270 parts. As for other Linux devices? Born said, "There are Cowon and other devices that use the c54x,""so this opens up a DSP to developers that was formerly only available through a closed-source license and at a cost of $3000 for a developer board to work upon. The OSD has been endorsed by no less than Linus Torvalds.

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