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Comment many different kinds (Score 1) 502

5 pairs various hand made ropers boots
1 pair Double H Ranch Wellingtons
2 desert combat boots
1 pair black Magnum combat boots for colder weather
2 pair forest/olive combat boots for cold weather
1 pair Redhead extremely cold weather hunting boots
1 pair general purpose mountaineering/hiking boots
1 pair Madrock climbing shoes
1 pair Scarpa climbing shoes
1 pair Asics indoor sneaker
1 pair ZEMGear neoprene exercise shoe
1 pair Puma driving sneakers
1 pair Asics indoor/outdoor running shoe
1 pair brown patent leather dress shoe
1 pair black patent leather dress shoe
1 pair black imitation alligator dress shoe
1 pair Salomon leather 'casual sneaker'
Shoes are something that must be specialized. The wrong shoes in any given situation will easily become a liability. There are no general purpose shoes except for the ones you wear while doing nothing, in which case you should be wearing none at all.

Comment Commercial clients don't crack (Score 1) 635

You have to sell software to commercial customers. In order to do that it has to be competitive with comparable offerings, but be better overall. It also needs a large user base, so that it becomes an industry standard piece of equipment. Music, design and video editing folks at the low end of the industry are notorious for pirating software. But who cares? It's not like they can afford it in the first place. They're not making any money. They're not customers, but potentially later on their ability to work fluently with the software might help them get a job with one of your commercial customers. $10k software doesn't just sell itself. You need a sales and marketing staff to get the commercial interest. the pirating part is just free crack for potential users.

Comment I suggest a few simple scanning rules (Score 1) 172

Was the app developed in the Republic of China? Reject. That solves most of the problem. I have my own filter for apps, one that is based on cultural bias and animosity towards Chinese software mills: If the description is written by an idiot, or the obvious result of machine translation: reject If the 'reviews' are spam or are the typical 'ITS SO ADDICTING!': reject

Comment This can't be good (Score 1) 77

Meteorites are usually 10-20 percent very high purity nickel, a few points of other alloying metals, the rest very high purity iron. Nickel is not likely to impart any flavor, as it resists corrosion by acids. The iron will likely be passivated on its surface or etch a little due to the lactic acid, which will release iron oxides into the wine. I'd say the metallic taste of Fe3 would be kinda nasty.

Comment Re:Is that really their job? (Score 1) 99

I worked on one project that was exactly 7 years ahead of its time. Management laid us all off and said "this will be cool in 7 years, but right now its not feasible". Sure enough, exactly 7 years later I was playing HALO head to head with people across the country in real time on a broadband connection to my house. Some of our team got picked up by Microsoft to work on XBox Live fortunately. Xerox CAN make PARC profitable, but they actually have to make products out of research. Xerox is looking for more basic patents, like xerography. Basic patents are more and more difficult to come by. Perhaps the 'age of enlightenment' is over. Maybe bookface and smart phones are the best we can come up with.

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