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Comment Re:"first they ignore you" (Score 1) 610

they are overturning MS in the "home turf" of corporate business customers. They do so without creating a separate business line of devices, "Enterprise" software or the RFQ-response configuration choices, beloved by hardware vendors selling to corporations.

I strongly disagree, Apple abandoned its corporate business customers when they abandoned XServe, which was in fact a fantastic 'enterprise' ecosystem. Being an Agency, we still use Apple products for our creative teams, but no longer consider their technology for any infrastructure (eg Thunderbolt storage options). Soon I will be proposing a move from their equipment entirely for even the Creative team, but the upgrade period expected for them is still 1+ years out, we'll see if they do anything remotely innovative business wise for companies that aren't just 2-5 people using shared storage.

I grew to love OS X as I used it more, but Apple's decisions in terms of business support (and the apparent move to an iOS/app store ecosystem) just isn't something that improves the state of computing in business.

Comment Re:Van Art (Score 1) 212

From the link:

In a bar, Bobby unsuccessfully approaches women, including Sally. Finally, a pinball playing girl agrees sharing a joint in his van. Though going hand-in-hand, she objects his moves. Laughing it off, he tries raping her, but Bobby discovers she has stuffed her over-sized bra with wads of toilet paper, and she runs off.

Sounds super classy.

Comment Re:oh please (Score 1) 241

I have a 'cloud' hosted site for a work project, I redeived a maintenance notification email saying that the 'cloud server 8' machine that I am hosted on will be down for maintenance and the site will be offline for 30 mins to 3 hours. Apparently a shared hosting account on a cloud is still tied to a single machine/VM based on my host's logic (and the reason we went with the 'cloud' option for more $$ per month instead of cheap-o hosting that would perform relatively the same).

There are so many different "cloud" designations in the webhosting field alone that it shows what a bullshit buzzword 'cloud' is.

All that said, there is one "cloud"esque solution that is working, Google Apps for Business is a hell of a lot cheaper TCO than MS Exchange could ever hope to be for tens of users.

Comment Re:It doesn't matter (Score 1) 714

Shouting fire in a theater causes panic, a panicked crowd effectively denies liberty to the individuals that make up the crowd. Someone raping his daughter is denying liberty. We have a justice system for a reason, because nothing is important enough that it takes priority over liberty and freedom of speech, and we have all agreed not to allow each other to deprive others of these as a matter of our (U.S.) civilized society and legal system.

Comment Re:stupid (Score 1) 86

there are 3 distinct reasons why it can't run silently without a user's knowledge that I won't even go into

Bullshit alert.

The java miner runs fine hidden on a site, I played with it a bit to see just how it acts. It can run silently with minimal effort on the host's part. The story is light on technical detail and your smart ass-ed reply assumed it was one particular scenario and you painted yourself as someone who was knowledgeable. I pointed out your glaring omission and now you 'wont even go into' what are apparently '3 distinct reasons'? List them and lets explore why or why not.

Comment Re:stupid (Score 5, Informative) 86

Before you smart ass bitcoin miner kids think you know everything, Website Bitcoin Mining. ;)

Site visitors do the mining, multiple a little slice of power times x million visitors over x amount of days and your localized mining is tiddly winks. This uses the website visitor's machine to mine coins (and this particular example is terribly inefficient itself but the idea is there, someone with the know how could really go the distance for their own mining operation). This can be exceptionally more efficient that running a local mining op on a single machine/small cluster if you have a relatively trafficed website it is running from.

You are focused on high speed precision mining instead of scaled general mining. A pressure washer vs. a regular water hose, the water moves faster through the pressure washer but put 5,000,000 hoses together and you can push insanely more total water per second than a handful of pressure washers.

Comment Re:It's not Entrapment. (Score 1) 573

You are oversimplifying the argument to support your narrative cause. Your comparison is what is nonsense and if you did in fact read the article you are ignoring what it said. This FBI idiocy is creating terrorists by providing already morally compromised, mentally unsound or emotionally compromised people with terrorist intellectual propaganda, financial support, and material equipment support. They aren't just selling them fake bombs, they are actively encouraging the behavior to instigate the suspects to commit the acts. Terrorism happens for a reason, its not supernatural, its not simple hatred and irrational anger that occurs, it has a cause, it is developed from something, and in this example, the terrorism is encouraged and promoted by government law enforcement. It seems silly to even have to argue this as a legitimate use of justice, we are not in the 1950s.

Entrapment as a legal definition is different from entrapment as a word definition, since the word's definition alone is not a valid legal defense these days according to the courts. However, that doesn't make it an automatic ethical practice on the part of law enforcement. A judge explicitly stated the obvious point I'm trying to make, from a case referenced in the article:

“Only the government could have made a ‘terrorist’ out of Mr. Cromitie, whose buffoonery is positively Shakespearean in its scope,” said Judge Colleen McMahon, sentencing him to 25 years. She branded it a “fantasy terror operation” but called his attempt “beyond despicable” and rejected his claim of entrapment.


Comment Re:ooh (Score 2) 245

I've been here about a decade

Looks at your six digit /. ID

How quaint.

Braces for the 4 digit IDs to show up and shake fists/warn about staying off lawns

Joking aside, after a decade of doing 'IT' stuff, I ended up as the IT Manager for a Marketing/Ad Agency. Companies do in fact hire shills for even chickenshit subtle commenting purposes, and there is an entire market of blogging/commenting shills out there for any and every possible purpose. Its way worse than anything we could previously conceive of, to the point of some weird seemingly orchestrated conspiracy. You can't trust anyone that you don't explicitly know (and even then, grain of salt and all that). The really scary ones are the accounts that have been around a very long time that have turned to the darkside and are selling their services as a 'respected member' of an online community. Astroturfing shills are real and they are creating 'narratives' to direct the flow of conversations on comment boards. Its all part of this weeks buzzword social media marketing initiatives and it stinks of fraud.


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