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Comment Don't mind it, but would rather not use it (Score 1) 798

It's not that I mind Unity or Gnome-Shell, but I just can't find any way I can be as productive (fast) on them as on Gnome 2.xx. I find the interface to be in the way of what I'm trying to achieve. It would be a great interface for my phone, but for my computer I'd rather have something that was specifically designed for less clicks.

Comment Semi paperless (Score 1) 371

Here in Denmark we have the option to get most official papers regarding payment (income and bills) electronically. At this point I get, at most, 2-3 letters in my mailbox a month. Most of those are trivial and quickly find their new home in the rubbish bin. I also read all my news online, so I've opted out of getting the free newspapers and adds, which makes my life easier, since I don't have to take the garbage out as much as I used to :D

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