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Comment Re:Poisoning the well (Score 1) 207

you do not support sites by allowing ads, without buying the products.
A ad costs the advertiser money: money for the space at the homepage (the money you want the homepage owner to have) and hosting cost (traffic, server rent). If the advertiser shows you the ad, its costly for him. If you buy something, its profitable. But if you do not buy something, the sum is negative, so he will lower the pay for the homepage owner in the long run. So only unblock ads, if you plan buying stuff from them.
Most intelligent people do not buy because of ads, so its pointless to unblock them.

Comment Re:Reality vs idealism (Score 1) 290

you're not understanding my postings. GPG is opensource, your private key is not. A program reading a encrypted video-stream and forwarding it via a trusted path to the graphics card can be opensource, the key inside the tpm/graphics card/monitor cannot. so trusted computing enables opensource DRM, while the current situation requires closed source to implement a DRM-System.

Comment Re:Reality vs idealism (Score 1) 290

of course, you can try to rip the display signal short before the tft-panel. But this is much harder to rip than just saving a movie file. you will also need to re-encode it and have some quality loss. It will certainly make ripping much harder.

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