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Comment Yeah.. love it BUT.... (Score -1) 294

I wish they would FINALLY allow users to embed their own FONTS in the works they produce....


This bullshit of doing it on Windoze and then dual booting into Linux, or moving it to a different computer, or sending the work to a publisher or whoever.... and all the LOVELY formatting, with any one of the 10,000 FREE // 15,000 Open Sauce Fonts // 20,000 Fonts for $20 on a CD, well because these arse fuckers in Open Office.org // Oracle // Libre Office - not only does your fabulous formatting and fontage disappear, so does the "intrinsic value of the visual medium" - known as text and or text and graphics... as Super Summarian TTF in 64 Point for the heading, and Cryllic 22 under the pictures, defaults back to fucking Arial 12 point.


Fuck them.


FONT EMBEDDING - arseholes.


Comment Youtube = You Boob. (Score -1) 120

Google and the movie studios are are a pack of fucking arseholes anyway...

"Advertisements sir? I wouldn't go so far as to call them that, no quite the contrary - these are brief appearances of socially enlightening entertainment, to guide our reckless youth on the path to a better life - between character building promotions sir".

Comment LOL - Microsoft Backup? (Score -1) 241

I really did - once upon a time, believe that the product Microsoft supplied to back up all my data with, was a reliable product from a sincere company, full of honest and reliable people.


What I found was, a product that was so fucking bad, that not only should it have never been released in the shape it was, it should have never ever been released on the market.


Since then - thanks to Microsoft I have learned the value of plain copy / paste backups and to use Linux, where I do not get endless prompts to do really fucking stupid shit like "This folder contains thumbs.db, do you want to copy it?", or this file that I have copied 50 times before, now has a file name that is too long to copy - or YES TO ALL, actually doesn't mean YES to anything, it just means I pressed the same fucking button 10X on the same transfer....


So FUCK MICROSOFT - and these stupid cunts and their moronic software.

Comment I am the Alpha and the Omega. (Score -1) 171

I saw (sort of) most of the series from about 5 or 6 years old till present...


The ABC in Australia - in their wisdom, played the ENTIRE series, back to back, 4 or 5 nights a week, every week for about 3 months.... about 5 years ago.


Glad I saw it ALL, Great to see it all back to back, it was a sense of relief and completion.


And the Dalek killing robot city snakes are no longer scary.

Comment Ubisoft? = SHIT customer support. (Score -1) 233

I bought Chessmaster 10 and it was a Ubisoft game... signed up for the online tutorials and games at the site - which was a part of the contract.


Unfortunately something got messed up in the process with pass words and user names and delays in transmission etc., etc., etc.. and so I was no longer able to use the site and so I contacted them - with my special number and an explanation and asked for them to fix it.


Not only did they not fix the problem, they completely ignored my emails to them.


Well the game and tutorials are so good that I have personally recommended it to all my friends - and now they all play it too.


So fuck UBISOFT.

Comment Oracles gain of Open Office - is a shitty. (Score -1) 88

Yeah Oracles gain of Open Office IS a shitty deal.... it's turned it into a faceless corporate shitbag piece of software, that is run by a faceless shitbag corporation.


Now there is Open Office - shitbag free basic version, AND (something like this) :

Open Office Small Office Home Office,

Open Office Professional and

Open Office Corporate....

And there is NO human contact in any of it......

It just smacks of being very antisocial and I for one was rather ambivalent about the Open Office Fork into Libre Office.....

But now I see how "corporately tactless and scumware mentality" Oracle has become and I now see them as a threat to Open Source, as much as Microsoft is to anything.....

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