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Submission + - US Oil spill exposes Satanic US and A (kansascity.com)

dogzdik writes: In a country beset by devil worshipping false christians, the end is nigh for the coming of the antichrist.

Awwwwwwwww Poor Americans.....

So spilling the oil everywhere is some how better than burning it in their SUV's and making acid rain and ramping up global warming; and

A spill is better than converting it to artificial fertiliser to make ethanol from wasteful food crops while people starve; and

The slick is better than to pump their intensive animal agricultural industry full of GM corn and hormones, and to have the effluent and fertiliser then create giant dead spots in the ocean;

So burning oil is better than spilling it? Is it?

The only difference that the spill made was all the dead beats along the supply chain never got their cut, and they have to actually pay NOW for the mess.

So the big con job — the great bait and switch mind game has stopped working.

The investors won't be padding their accounts so much for a while either, and the millions of Iraqies who died during the US lead sanctions and war on them... damn. They were financed by BP and EXON and Halliburton — So where are the corporate oil thieves in the CIA when you really need them to "get the oil"?

And the big knobs of BP continue to lie and bullshit and mislead, and the US senators continue to take bribes.......

Yes the oil spill is such a disaster — isn't it.

Awwww those poor Americans.


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