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Comment Price Fixing (Score 1) 384

The US has the first-sale doctrine. The first sale doctrine doesn't say that the company selling you the good has to enable or help you resell. It just says that they can't prevent you from reselling using legal means (i.e. lawsuits, injunctions, etc).

I don't believe the above is true. The first-sale doctrine is part of US Anti Trust laws. Any effort to shut down second hand markets could be prosecuted under anti trust laws. The whole point of these locks is price fixing.

Comment Keep Surcharge Low (Score 1) 732

It has less to do with getting people to use cash than it is about keeping the surcharges down. When the surcharge was hidden Visa could raise the surcharge every year with no market consequence. Now if Visa raises the surcharge then people will use credit cards less. In theory this will cause the surcharge to go down. With lower prices retailers can sell more products and make more money.

Comment Re:+5 Missed My Point. (Score 1) 514

Your source shows 1 year and mine shows 19 years. Your source is also only looking at benefits instead of total government spending. it isn't counting military spending, income from federal jobs, or farm subsidies. Your source also shows CA not bringing up the rear. Instead they are pretty much almost in the middle. That chart says CA gets $1.09 for every $1.00. More than half the states on that chart are getting more than that.

Comment Re:Commerce Clause (Score 1) 514

States are allowed to decide local taxes. They are allowed to have taxes lower than the taxes of another state. But when a state levels a tax on a particular thing they are not allowed to give discounts to in state businesses. In this case they were taxing investment income. Examples: Having zones with no property tax is legal. Giving bread growers a 0% income tax rate is legal. Giving bread growers cash is legal. A 6% sales tax on imported bread and 2% sales tax on local bread is illegal. (I'm not a lawyer)

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