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Comment US Agencies warning about other US Agencies? (Score 5, Interesting) 292

They are mentioning StuxNet and the like as a threat example? So, the US is in danger of malware created by the US ... perhaps loosing viral code on the world wasn't a good idea.

"We're finding espionage, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and other malware sitting in networks, often for more than a year before it's ever detected," Martinez says.

Now, to "protect" ourselves from our government we need to do what ... turn over more information and control to the people that created the problem? Why would I want to give more power to people that have already proven they can't be trusted with it?

This sounds like nothing more than multi-faceted spin control and manipulation.

What I hear being said:
Look, we need a larger budget to monitor this situation.
And more power to get the information we need without the red tape of actually getting warrants.
For your protection against what we've done, you should just give us all your info, all the time.

Comment Re:Looks like a cash cow for ten states (Score 4, Interesting) 732

Very true.
Many, many people in Kansas City, which sits on the border of Kansas and Missouri, buy their gasoline in Missouri and the busiest stations are the ones just on the Missouri side of State Line Road, because the difference in gasoline taxes amounts to about seven cents per gallon.
At current prices in the area, that's about 2%. So it is a fair comparison and a good predictor that people would likely do the same thing for credit card purchases.
I would guess most people, though, could switch from credit purchases to debit card purchases for routine shopping.

Comment Re:Idiot. (Score 1) 633


Instead of completing his/her final year at a traditional high school (as would be typical in the US), the student starts attending a 2-year degree and/or vo-tech school. Completion of the two-year program serves the same function as high school diploma in the US and (depending on the school and program completed) may also serve as an Associates degree.

Usually people complete a program like this before turning 20, but there are many reasons why that isn't necessarily the case.

Comment Re:This is a country that wants in the EU (Score 1) 444

Religion exists because lights in the sky go boom and it doesn't rain when you want it to and things happen you can't understand.

Guess what, today we can understand those things and so religion is quite literally at odds with modern life.

Will you marry me? No? Probably for the best ... but I'm going to quote you, at least.

Comment Re:Dancing around race issue? (Score 1) 412

In the US:
The test is administered in US public schools.
Many of the wealthier people in the US send their kids to private schools, where the test is NOT administered.
Those with lower income backgrounds are almost universally in public schools, where the test could be administered.
So, people from lower income backgrounds are more heavily represented.

Some countries (although usually not "1st World"):
Wealthier people send their kids to school, where the test may be administered.
Those with lower income backgrounds may not even attend school, so the test would not be administered.
So, people from higher income backgrounds are more heavily represented.

Comment Re:Sounds Too Good to Be True ... (Score 1) 202

Things are changing, but a lot of it is probably what you remember.

Tourist is skateboarding across two provinces right now ... big highway used almost exclusively by construction trucks extending the highway ... then a rocky trail to get over to another highway, also used almost exclusively by construction trucks building THAT highway ... and that was the BEST option for getting from point A to point B.

Comment Re:now they can concentrate on ignoring mentally i (Score 3, Insightful) 350

Given that it is a major pain in the butt to get an assault rifle already ... you do realize this requires an expensive federal permit to even own one? They are effectively already banned.

The current bans being discussed are trying to go further and ban things that are not assault rifles, but merely "look scary".

Comment Re:Adrian Lamo: Poster Child for Power Patriotism (Score 1) 341


And when he does climax, Adrian thinks about the power he protects. He thinks about raping and murdering a prisoner and then helping cover it up without having to answer to any semblance of a court. He heaves his entire body into rapture as he pictures an innocent man being electrocuted to death by someone from the Agency while Bradley Manning is forced to watch from a prison cell, crying for mercy, as part of his "non-torture" permanent solitary confinement that Adrian bravely initiated because... why?


I really, really hope the parent poster is some type of forum robot (pseudo-AI) whose algorithm/database has run amok ...

Comment Re:can we mod summary as (Score 1) 243

Are these "tech" jobs though? "Excecutive compenstation analyst" doesn't sound technical (or a full time position to be honest).

Not particularly technical, but vaguely geeky in their own right.

The company I work for has an entire division devoted to executive compensation analysis. It largely consists of surveying executives to discover trends in various industries' compensation packages. We do the bulk of the work as a "disinterested third party" so companies can obtain an unbiased analysis of executive compensation trends (for a fee - which is one of my company's revenue streams).

Organizations then purchase the analyses of these trends to aid them in determining how they should set up compensation plans for their executives. Organizations with thousands of employees, dozens of executives, and hundreds of managers will usually have at least one FTE (and often several FTEs) of their own dedicated to participating in compensation surveys, analyzing results, and investigating whether the organization should be altering the executive compensation packages by going more heavy in, say, deferred compensation programs versus direct compensation, etc.

The standard practice for the people that do this is to send out both the data collection surveys and the results in spreadsheets, typically in Excel (a few decades ago it would been Lotus 1-2-3).

Analysis of the data is usually performed in SAS or SPSS.

Comment Re:I still don't get it... (Score 2) 306

How did real estate in Florida ever get so overpriced in the run up to 2008, if anyone out there is taking rising sea levels seriously?

Because people are stupid. Why else would they build where there are tornados regularly. Hey, this place gets plenty of earth quakes, what a great place to put a city...

One day San Francisco is going to bobbing about in the Pacific and everyone will be surprised it happened

Keep in mind ... there are NO places in the USA where tornadoes occur regularly. Take Kansas (where I grew up), it is in "Tornado Alley". Ooh, dangerous! Not really. There's dozens of tornadoes per year in the state, but tornadoes have a pretty small damage path, usually only a few square miles. Let's say it is an absolutely horrible year, though, and there are 100 tornadoes with an average damage path of 20 square miles, that would be 2000 square miles of damage. Kansas is ~82,000 square miles in size, though. So even in a year far worse than has happened in recorded history, as a Kansas resident for a worst case year you are 40 times more likely to be unaffected by a tornado than you are to be affected.

The downside is, damage from a tornado if you are directly in the damage path tends to be absolute. Grass and foundations tend to be the only items left intact.

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