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Comment 5th Amendment? (Score 1) 1065

"Taxing" wealth in the US would most likely be found to be a 5th Amendment violation. I'm not sure about most slashdotters, but I don't think congress passing a law is considered "due process". Aren't trials required for "due process" to be satisfied? At least that is the general view from those opposing holding people in Gitmo and such.

Comment Re:What Hollyweird really wants (Score 1) 45

I think someone was trying to make a distinction between vast majority and small minority. Yes, some firearms are used to commit crimes but only an extremely small minority of firearms in the US are used for such purposes (as in 99.999% are not used for criminal purposes). So yes, some sites are used more heavily for non-infringing purposes and some sites are used almost exclusively for infringing purposes.

Overall, I agree that shutting down types of sites is wrong. However, shutting down individual sites based on their usage and how they promote themselves, etc. may not be. To continue the gun analogy... shutting down licensed dealers and gun shows is generally wrong but shutting down the guy selling out of the back of his van in a back alley in downtown big city is probably a good way to prevent guns from being used for criminal activities.

Comment Re:The Solicitor General is full of Shit (Score 1) 193

Exactly the same thing that his predecessor is doing on the Supreme Court even after she argued before the Supreme Court that the government actually does have the right to prevent a corporation from publishing a book if the government does not like the political statement that the book makes. And yet, the majority on Slashdot have no problem with her being there and feel that the Supreme Court was wrong for ruling against her in that case.

Comment Re:Neat (Score 1) 121

Except Greenland did have a whole lot of pastureland back in the day (before the multi-century cold snap we've been in and that seems to be ending now). It is only revisionist history by the AGW crowd that claims the Greenland name was a ruse to mislead people. Kind of interesting really. Tell a lie about how others told lies to hide the fact that you are being less than honest about some aspects of your story.

Comment Re:DRM is Necessary (Score 1) 399

I think what node 3 is trying to point out is that you still retain the ultimate control of not playing DVDs that you don't want to play.

You are never required to play a DVD as a result of owning a computer.

This notion of being able to do anything you want with someone else's content is a problem you have, not that the content producer has. Every content producer has the right to offer to sell you a DVD on the condition that you only play it on a player that prevents you from skipping warnings and ads for other content. However, you also have the right to not purchase content from such providers. I wonder why so many on Slashdot get upset that a politician or government agency or company was dishonest or unethical but then turn around and openly violate all manner of agreements they themselves freely entered into. It is actually quite simple: Dishonesty is dishonesty.

Comment Re:Philosophy... (Score 1) 630

I'm 100% certain that more lefty-liberals are opposed to WiFi or cell towers or other EM radiators than are conservatives. Look at that telescope out in Arizona. I'm sure some conservatives were against it because they thought the money could be be better spent elsewhere but a bunch of liberals actually filed lawsuits to stop it from being built simply because building it required cutting down a few trees.

Point is... both sides of the political spectrum oppose scientific endeavors for what appear to the other side equally ridiculous reasons.

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