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Comment Good or bad? (Score 1) 36

So, is this a good development or a bad development? If the finding better ways to identify people leads to better ways to remove that information then it is better?

Or is it better because it will help us not remain anonymous when we donate to our favorite cause and that organization is in some way involved in US politics?

Comment Re:Right... (Score 0, Troll) 63

not really as bad

usually means that it sometimes is that bad. Articles from various sources, US and UK. Also from some US citizens living in the UK. Like signs discouraging people from entering certain corridors in hospitals saying stuff like "High crime area - enter at own risk.

We have areas like that in the US (usually whole sections of cities) but we tend not to advertise the fact that we have just given up. Everybody just assumes we have but we don't advertise it that openly.

Comment Re:Right... (Score 1) 63

From some of the articles I've read the cops in the UK don't seem to have the time to much of anything because all crimes seem to be fairly petty including armed robbery and mugging, etc. Although, they do seem to have time to arrest those defending themselves from such as serious criminals. The UK view of "Crime and Punishment" is as ridiculous as anywhere else; just for different reasons.

Comment Paper-clips but not tobacco (Score 1) 446

What I don't understand is that the government claims to have the authority via the CPSC to ban these kits and all kinds of other stuff but they say they cannot find the authority anywhere to ban tobacco? Personally, I'm one of those "small government" whackos that thinks all of this is nonsense but why can't they at least be consistent in their overstepping?

Comment Business bad, gov good? (Score 2, Insightful) 343

This story, Germany-To-Grant-Privacy-At-the-Workplace [] was about how great it was that Germany is making great strides towards banning a private business from monitoring the activities of its employees. Now, that same government seems to think that no amount of monitoring those same people is too much, as long as the benevolent government does the monitoring instead of the evil corporation.

Nice progress they are making over there. /sarcasm

Comment Re:So that's why the UW mail system went down (Score 1) 473

So, *nix users generally only get their apps from an app-store except we say that we are getting executables from a repository. Who acts as the gatekeeper for the repository? If it is fully open so that anybody can put anything in, then what prevents malware from getting in it. If only a blessed few are allowed to put something in, then how is this really different than Apples app store?

Just askin'.

Correct, I haven't used a *nix variant since college nearly 20 years ago.

Wrong, I use Windows at home and work but my wife and daughter own a couple of older iPods.

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