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Comment Re:Does This Really Happen? (Score 1) 204

how often do you actually find infinite loops (that you KNOW are infinite loops) in software that's actually been released?

Never, because I can't be sure. Though, when a program freezes up (happens almost daily to me) and one of my CPUs jumps to 100% usage and sits there for a few minutes, I get suspicious. I've never put any other structures that do that in my code (besides near infinite loops), so I am forced to assume: infinite loops.

Comment Re:Easy... (Score 1) 204

Yeah, I like not programming infinite loops, and I often add my own reactive fixes if I suspect there is a small possibility of infinite loops occurring.

It's all those other programmers who disagree with us that this is good for; I could really use a tool to kick their libraries and applications back into a running state.

Comment Re:Already did this study a long time ago (Score 1) 185

You mean like:

IE user: "FYI: I had difficulty loading your page 8/3/11. I use IE6 on XP."
Netscape User: "Dear Sir or Madame, I was greatly inconvenienced this morning by the inability of my internet browser to correctly display the information I requested from your site. Please see the included appendices that should detail the specifics of my browser's difficulties in rendering you're hypertext as well as numerous files, ordered alphabetically, detailing the current configuration of my operating system and internet client..."

I've worked and studied with a few people with high verbal intelligence and I really prefer not to when given the choice, but maybe that's because I use IE.

Comment Re:IANARS, but... (Score 1) 164

My understanding was that your average conductive thingamajig only absorbed tiny amounts of energy from a passing wave as the electrons shuffled about resulting in a tiny bit of heat, while something designed to take the signal and convert it into power (or even just signal) sucks far more energy out of the signal.

Comment Suckered. (Score 1) 518

When some guy comes along and says you need snake oil. He has a shill that tells you how good it was. You believe them and waste some money. That's getting suckered.

Same story, but instead of some guy, it's bank bigwigs, and instead of some shill, it's everyone you know and all the media you see. Same thing though. GPPP clearly didn't need his house and could not afford it, but got smooth talked into it anyway: suckered.

Suckers aren't blameless, just screwed out of money.

Comment Nothing has changed. (Score 1) 415

I don't disagree with the fact that our political system is locked in the hands of corporations, but I do disagree with the idea that it is getting worse. Look back over the history of the country and you'll see that that has always been a problem. Labor rights and consumer protection have definitely improved over the last century and I expect that they will continue to improve as incidences like this spark internet outrage, while 20 years ago they would go completely unnoticed.

A revolution? In a democracy? Who are we going to vote for when that's over? I'm serious. I just don't understand the concept; all of our leaders are up for reelection in the next couple years, how is that different than removing them from office at gun point (besides being much more pleasant for the politicians)?

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 462

I'm surprised this isn't +5 insightful yet, because seriously, that's the first thing you notice and the only thing you can't replace it by printing some out at work.

- I also noticed you can't research every little thought you have, but maybe that is a plus.
- You can't wikipedia things to settle an argument, which is way more annoying than it sounds.
- You can't get a "how to fix such and such" or "how to prepare such and such" so you won't be able to repair or assemble things properly until you remember to look them up.
- I really missed net radio, I can't seem to own enough music not to get sick of my collection. I recorded net radio while online at work or at coffee shops and brought it home.
- Net TV can be just as bad if you depend on it, but I just found myself reading more.

Otherwise, when I was without internet I didn't miss much: you usually keep a list of things you need to search for and look them up at a coffee shop, and print out anything you need to read or reference at home.

Comment Re:No Carrier (Score 1) 462

...until you sober up and realize that the liquor store is 20 miles away.

Who lives 20miles from a liquor store? Really, I've lived in small remote towns before and they all have a "General Store" which provides liquor, smokes and some snacks to enjoy with the former.

I currently need a car to pick up groceries, but not booze and smokes.

Comment What? (Score 1) 131

Yes and women who willfully allow themselves to be raped should be stoned to death. See how fun this logic is?


First: Your analogy should be "women who willfully allow themselves to be raped should forfeit relevant patents. I've never forfeited patents or been stoned to death, but I assume the former is slightly less harsh.

Second: Someone should make a law about internet debate and rape similar to Godwin's. I've noticed whenever law arguments degrade into "lets compare this situation to rape," No reasonable debate continues. Patent infringement is not the "brain rape."

Comment Why not? (Score 1) 622

Forgive me for missing the obvious, but why not?

You got +4 insightful so many people agree, and there seems to be some serious "it's obvious!" flamey comments below you, so I must be missing something obvious, but I've used linux under windows for some time for many reasons, could someone just spell out the issue for the denser among us?

Comment Re:Unique != groundbreaking (Score 1) 350

You don't know how to hunt or grow your own food? You plant it, make sure it's watered, make sure it's weeded, and it produces nearly all of the time.

Yeah, why do people need apple's wifi? They could build it themselves! Just build a wifi antenna program some drivers for it and make sure it's compatible with most routers out there. Voila! It's so easy why doesn't everyone do it?

It's much more efficient to have people who know what they are doing do the things they are doing well

The difficulty of food production was a bit of a stretch in GP's argument, but not by too much, as a kid I had some fancy electronic kits and I with some time I could probably build myself some walkie-talkies (I have). But I don't think I'll ever try to build my own wifi card even though with some research and a lot of time I could. I'll just let apple's connect me automatically.

Comment Re:Artist's Concept (Score 1) 38

I get grumpy about the fact that news feels like they have to protect me from the actual science. They need artists to render what some other dudes imagination thinks the planet might look like. I know scrutinizing those pixels and running their color changes through really long boring formulas was tedious and I don't plan to replicate it, but until I came and read your comment, I wouldn't have known they did any of that.

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