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Submission + - Judge hints at jail time for porn troll Prenda Law (arstechnica.com)

rudy_wayne writes: A federal judge in Los Angeles has suggested serious penalties for Brett Gibbs, an attorney at porn copyright trolling firm Prenda Law. Facing allegations of fraud and identity theft, Gibbs will be required to explain himself at a March 11 hearing. And if Judge Otis Wright isn't satisfied with his answers, he may face fines and even jail time.

The identity theft allegations emerged late last year, when a Minnesota man named Alan Cooper told a Minnesota court he suspected Prenda Law named him as the CEO of two litigious offshore holding companies without his permission. Worried about exposing himself to potential liability for the firms' misconduct, Cooper asked the court to investigate the situation. Cooper's letter was spotted by Morgan Pietz, an attorney who represents "John Doe" defendants in California. He notified Judge Wright of the allegations.

Submission + - Saudis Reject Burkas for Babies (alarabiya.net)

Copper Nikus writes: An article in alarabiya describes the controversy around a Saudi cleric's fatwa calling for all female babies to wear burkas. The motivation for this fatwa is allegations of sexual molestation of female babies in the kindgon. Wearing the veil is supposed to protect the baby girls from horny Saudi men. There has been wide condemnation of the fatwa from fellow Saudis on Twitter. The ultra conservative Saudi government is also calling for people to ignore the fatwa on grounds that it hasn't been approved by official channels.

Submission + - how to build muscle (buildmuscleexposed.com)

olivia5mat writes: "Hence I started up complete page about how to build muscle tuesday night. Hence I welcome every married, stunning and hot looking to check and give finest advise about my how to build muscle blog."

Submission + - Apple Hides Billions from IRS (businessinsider.com) 1

Copper Nikus writes: An article at businessinsider claims Apple has slashed its tax bill by paying less than 2 percent on its overseas profits. This was done by legal accounting trickery well beyond my understanding. It is estimated Apple has sheltered up to $94bn from the IRS so far. Now imagine how many cops and teachers could have been hired, how many bridges could have been fixed, and how many pork barrel projects could have been paid for with the normal corporate IRS taxes on that huge amount of money. Is Apple really forced to take advantage of every little legal tax loophole there is, or could they have choosen to do their patriotic duty of paying higher taxes? I think Apple could learn some civic lessons from Starbucks, who has pledged to pay £20m corporate tax in the UK even if it makes no profit.

Comment Re:it's the children that suffer (Score 1) 206

Hooray, instead of working they now can live on the street and starve to death.

Not necessarily. According to TFA:

When new violations are found, Apple requires its suppliers to return the workers back to a school chosen by the family and finance their education. "In addition, the children must continue to receive income matching what they received when they were employed. We also follow up regularly to ensure that the children remain in school and that the suppliers continue to uphold their financial commitment," wrote Apple in its latest report.

Of course I have no idea if those lofty goals actually happen or not.


Submission + - Chinese Labor Market in Trouble (nytimes.com) 4

Copper Nikus writes: The nytimes has an interesting story about the current job market in China. It appears the chinese have stolen too many factory jobs from the USA and are now suffering the consequences. There is a great shortage of factory workers along with a large oversupply of college graduate yougsters that absolutely hate factory work and manual labor in general. Many of the college educated slackers are willing to take scarce non-factory jobs even if they pay only a fraction of what factories pay. When it comes to fresh computer science graduates in particular, the wage at top companies has dropped from $725 a month to $550 a month over the last decade due to oversupply. That is less than what many low skill factory jobs pay. As you might have suspected, a big part of the problem are parents and grandparents willing to subsidize the lazy college educated yougsters. There is also interesting data about cost of living over there, such as internet service for $8 a month, etc.

Comment Re:tablet / phone paired with MHL (Score 1) 63

If grandma is going to sit at the normal 6 to 8 feet from the 1080p HDTV, I am not sure the text will be any more legible than on a 1080p 10 inch android tablet held 1 foot from here face. With a tablet-only solution the touch screen can provide a less intimidating and more intuitive user interface than a linux PC + mouse would. Finally, the tablet-only solution is a far more portable and uncomplicated setup. Grandma can read her paper books anywhere she wants (car, bus, train, front porch, doctor office waiting room, etc) using a tablet instead of always having to use the room where the big hdtv + clunky linux PC + clunky webcam + clunky mouse + table for the mouse happen to be.

Submission + - Linux Marketshare rises to 42%, Windows drops to 20% (tomshardware.com)

Copper Nikus writes: An article in tomshardware brings the most wonderful news for Linux fans: Linux now ships twice as many copies as Windows. It was about time. Yes, those statistics are taking into account mobile hardware, but we all know the desktop is dead and burried, don't we?

Comment Quad Tuner TVs (Score 1) 442

What these 4k TVs would be immediatelly useful for is to allow families to watch up to four 1080p video channels simultaneously. The wife, husband, and 2.5 kids can all watch their favorite channels at the same time on a single large 4k screen. Of course these TVs should include a remote control for each tuner, and some way to distribute 4 independent audio outputs, maybe via bluetooth or something similar.

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