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Comment Horns (Score 1) 620

"The Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act would require electric cars and hybrids to make noise"...

And to facilitate this request, Toyota will be installing standard a special horn that plays when you press on the steering wheel... also known as "The Horn".

Comment Re:Zombie Apocalypse (Score 1) 337

Directions for Managing Satellite (in case of apocalypse):

1. Construct from the rubble of buildings a space craft capable of reaching low earth orbit.
2. Using plastic bags from the local grocery store, construct an air-tight spacesuit.
3. Fly into low earth orbit, space walk, repair damaged satellite (see "Satellite repair manual", Volume 2,304)
4. Pray the enemy that just destroyed civilization doesn't develop a way to jam satellite signal.

Comment Wow... (Score 3, Funny) 824

So, I went to the link to read TFA, and realized that the TFS isn't a summary at all. It's just a copy/paste of the entire blog post with the line breaks taken out. It's amazing what constitutes "New for Nerds, Stuff that Matters" these days...

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