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Comment Re:I know (Score 1) 554

I think you misunderstood me.

Nope, I'll demonstrate:

Case 1: Cop plants real meth (not bicarb) in your car. You have to explain it (i.e. prove the cop committed a crime), or go to prison for a while.

Parallel to this law: Cop doesn't plant anything, points at the empty boot of your car, says "that's an invisible, odourless, dimension-shifted bag of contraband we can't touch, see or otherwise detect, but I think it's there and you've just hidden it beyond the ability of our tools to reach! Get 'im, boys!"

Case 2: Cop plants data file filled with random data on your laptop. You have to explain it (i.e. prove the cop committed a crime, or prove it isn't an encrypted file (impossible)), or go to prison for a while.

In both cases the assertion of a crime is not enough (in case 1 he has to plant real meth in your car, in case 2 he has to plant a random file on your hdd), and in both cases the cop has to commit a crime (tampering with evidence, or whatever) in order to put you away.

I still don't understand what powers this new law gives to a corrupt cop that don't already exist.

And now after this law:

Case 1: Cop doesn't have to plant anything, just points at random block of free space "That's an encrypted hidden partition, get 'im boys!"

Case 2: Cop doesn't have to plant anything, points at that test container file from an encryption program you ran a trial of a year ago and forgot about, it might contain a text document with your CC# or something and that's all, but Mr. Poh-leece-man can up and assert "Omg, encrypted kiddie porn! And encrypted nuke schematics! And encrypted blueprints for the White House with drawings that say 'execute tha prezadent here'! Get 'im, boys!"

Comment Re:I know (Score 1) 554

Because you can demonstrate that the bag of bicarb in your boot is not meth, but you can't demonstrate that the random block of free space on your computer is not an encrypted video tutorial on how to build a nuke, delivered by a masturbating 14yo al-Qaeda operative.

Nothing has to be planted. Assertion that a crime has taken place is all that is required. In an extreme case, accusation=conviction (if the law is applied to the letter)... not good.

Comment Re:I know (Score 1) 554

Perhaps the corrupt cop "found" a stash of meth in your car. Perhaps they "found" kiddie porn on your laptop. You're just as much in trouble as you would be if the "found" an encrypted file.

What abuse does this law allow that isn't already possible using other laws (and please don't flame me for going against the flow here) ?

Except in this situation he doesn't have to actually plant anything, he can just imagine it's there. The officer doesn't have to commit a crime (case tampering or whatever you'd call planting evidence) to throw you in the slammer *without* evidence.

Comment Password system suggestion (Score 1) 553

I found this system to work well. For any non-critical passwords (mainly websites/forums), I have a specific string I base my passes on (let's say it's "passwordssuck"), and each site has a slightly different permutation on this. If I'm making a password for '', it might be passwssuck or, if caps/nums/symbols are needed, something like p4ssW$suck... I would try to make any required permutations apply first to the website-specific additions, then to the leftmost possible other characters (no number equivalent for W or P so use the A). To make it less obvious to an unscrupulous forum/site operator that you are using such a system, it can be better to use something that doesn't look like words, such as the first letters of words in a memorable passphrase (e.g, "strong passwords protect your account from being compromised" = sppyafbc = (in the example) 5ppyaW$fbc .... Looks completely random but it's memorable if you use this same system everywhere, and there aren't many things to try if you forget the exact symbol substitution etc for a given site. So slashdot pass could become 5ppya$Dfbc, you use $ppy4Mpfbc, and so on - so long as you follow the same ruleset each time you'll never forget them. I haven't seen any forum sites that enforce password expiry, obviously that'd screw you over. I'll post again about those changing passes, but need to post this now before my flaky mobile safari crashes again. :p

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