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Comment Re:sad (Score 1) 2166

How so? The last police statement mentioned no prosecution of any kind. Last I heard no charges were even laid.

Here's the latest update on the trial I could find:

"Elston McCowan and Perry Molens face misdemeanor charges for allegedly assaulting a political button-seller last year; the defendants have pulled out the big guns by retaining St. Louis criminal defense attorney Paul D'Agrosa."

So now an anti-social hermit with a diagnosed mental disorder who lives a survivalist life-style in a cabin in the woods is a 'leftist'?

Domestic terrorists have typically been mentally ill anti-social loners who have difficulty holding relationships and tend to act as individuals. What's your point?

Wikipedia on the Unabomber's manifesto:

Industrial Society and Its Future begins with Kaczynski's assertion that "the Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race."[43] The first sections of the text are devoted to psychological analysis of various groups—primarily leftists and scientists—and of the psychological consequences for individual life within the "industrial-technological system",[43] which has robbed contemporary humans of their autonomy, diminished their rapport with nature, and forced them "to behave in ways that are increasingly remote from the natural pattern of human behavior." The later sections speculate about the future evolution of this system, argue that it will inevitably lead to the end of human freedom, call for a "revolution against technology", and attempt to indicate how that might be accomplished.

His manifest echoes the sentiments of leftist luminaries Herbert Marcuse and Jacques Ellul. His manifesto echoes left wing, environmental, anti-industrialist, and to a lesser extent Malthusian sentiments. You can't get much more left wing than that.

Look, eco-terrorists come from all sorts of backgrounds and quite a lot of them are libertarians, anarchists and the like.

Terrorists come from all sorts of backgrounds, that is precisely my point. There is generally an anarchist streak in almost all terrorists (which "frees" them to disregard human life and civil constructs). For instance, the Discovery Channel bomber, ecoterrorist James J. Lee was a human trafficker and was likely a sociopath but he was also undeniably a left wing malthusian. The two are not mutually exclusive in sick minds (Loughner admired The Communist Manifest and Mein Kampf which are fundamentally incompatible). Finally, there are major left wing groups which advocate terrorism that have been quite active perpetrating violence (PETA, ELF, BLA, etc.).

And finally, I refer you to the FBI's Most Wanted list regarding domestic terrorism. The list is *dominated* by left wing terrorists associated with organizations advocating terrorism.

Wait, I thought the right wing was preeminent in domestic terrorism? I should be seeing militia members and right wing, gun-toting rednecks? The most wanted list completely destroys the picture you have carefully been painting of right wing terror groups that dominate the terrorist scene (with a few left wing individualists).

I wonder if you will now relent and admit that both sides have their violent fringes and there are indeed many active left wing groups who incite terrorism? Indeed if we are to go by the most wanted list, it would seem that the left is far more active in organized terrorism than right wing organizations. I wonder if you will agree that I have more than satisfied your earlier request?

Perhaps if you could give us a list of all that "violence coming from the left" in the US ... (snip) ... it would help your points to attain some modicum of credibility.

I presume you will accept the FBI's most wanted list fulfills this request and then some?

Comment Re:sad (Score 1) 2166

Err, you somehow forgot that there was a video of it. It which the entire thing lasted 2 seconds (and which begins with a SEIU member already incapacitated on the ground) and during which Kenneth was pulled to the ground but not punched or kicked and after which Kenneth walked away on his own.

I suppose that is why prosecutors are charging the SEIU members instead of Kenneth and also why many of the SEIU members fled the scene?

As soon as you present an example like the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing perpetrated by the leftists in a similar time frame, you will make your point.

Sure, the Unabomber and more recently ecoterrorism.
Wikipedia on ecoterrorism: "The FBI has stated that “since 2005investigations have resulted in indictments against 30 individuals.” In 2006, an FBI case labeled ‘Operation Backfire’ brought charges of domestic terrorism to eleven people associated with the ELF and ALF. “The indictment includes charges related to arson, conspiracy, use of destructive devices, and destruction of an energy facility.”"

Comment Re:sad (Score 1) 2166

Because there was no voter intimidation.

LOL! You provide 0 evidence to the contrary. you only provide a declarative statements without facts to the contrary. You merely you engage in ad hominem which hints that have no facts when you must resort to fallacious arguments.

You provde zero evidence while there is documented video evidence that was run by *ALL* the networks during the election. EVERYONE ran the footage, including CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC. It wasn't just FOX so get over it.

Also, a senior civil rights prosecuting attorney with the Justice Department resigned over the issue calling the case, "the clearest case of voter intimidation that I've seen since I've been practicing law". The defendants didn't even bother to show up for their court dates. The New Black Panther defendants did not even show up to dispute the facts. All that was essentially left to do in the case was for the New Black Panthers to be sentenced when Holder and Obama pulled the plug.

I suppose they felt they would be protected by Eric Holder's Justice Department and as it turns out they were right!

This is called false equivalence. When you have to search for insignificant groups, isolated individuals I suppose the SEIU is an insignificant group composed of events from isolated individuals.
and the ancient past and compare them to Congressional candidates and their staff, a major political party, a major news network and their staff, candidates for president and vice president and the like, there is just no realistic comparison. One is essentially random while the other is a coordinated and planned endeavor.

So your position is that there is no democratic machine (SEIU, Teacher's Unions, ACORN and other similar organizations, etc.), there are no democratic candidates and their staff, presidential candidates, or networks (MSNBC is just as bad as Fox!) which coordinate in order to systematically tear down and demonize their opponents?! I went no further than a a couple of years ago (I guess that's ancient history) so none of my examples are dated in the least. So pray tell what is ancient history in ANY of the examples I've given?

In short you point out the splinter in another's eye while ignoring the plank in your own. If you weren't so blinded by your allegiance to Team Blue, you could admit to yourself that both parties have large and diverse organizations used to demonize their opponents and gain political victory at any cost. There is no false equivalence, only your dogged refusal to see the same machinery exists on both sides of the isle and is arguably more institutionalized on the left.

Comment Re:sad (Score 1) 2166

How about a peaceful Tea Party member being sent to the hospital by union goons during the health care debate? Or maybe the unprosecuted, clear voter intimidation brought to you by club weilding Blank Panther thugs.

You mean laughable urban legends promoted by Fox News? What about them?

Oh ok, I guess the charges filed by the county prosecutor are based purely on an urban myth.

Comment Re:sad (Score 1) 2166

But to pretend that scuffles on one hand and bombings and shooting rampages on the other are somehow 'equivalent' is pure hogwash.

Just a scuffle, maybe a bit of pushing and shoving? Not even close.

Kenneth was approached by an SEIU representative as Kenneth was handing out “Don’t Tread on Me” flags to other conservatives. The SEIU representative demanded to know why a black man was handing out these flags. The SEIU member used a racial slur against Kenneth, then punched him in the face. Kenneth fell to the ground. Another SEIU member yelled racial epithets at Kenneth as he kicked him in the head and back. Kenneth was also brutally attacked by one other male SEIU member and an unidentified woman. The three men were clearly SEIU members, as they were wearing T-shirts with the SEIU logo.
Kenneth was beaten badly.

That's just a minor scuffle though right? Your attempt to minimize such encounters with the gentle souls at the SEIU is clearly tainted by a political spirit. That isn't the only incident with the SEIU I could bring up, but putting someone in the hospital a few days after the President said he would hit back twice as hard is enough to start. It's interestesting that when Obama or Emmanuel engage in such rhetoric, it is merely a rhetorical flourish that would inspire no one to do anything unseemly.

Concerning the Black Panthers, while your attempt to put distance between them and the Democratic Party, is understandable it is in fact not credible in the least. While the The Black Panthers were being prosecuted for voter intimidation, they were so secure in their political protection that they didn't even bother showing up for any of their hearings! Just before these hate mongers were about to the sentenced, the Obama and Holder Justice Department decided to drop the prosecution. Essentially, the Black Panthers were under the protection of the Attorney General. How then do you say that the Black Panthers have nothing to do with the Obama political machine?

Finally, I'm waiting for you to backup your claim that attacks (and now you add bombings) by conservative rampaging rednecks are something akin to a near daily occurrence. That would be around 200 or so incidents over the Obama Adminstration's tenure.

Face it, both right and left have their radical and violent factions in roughly equal measures.

Comment Re:sad (Score 1) 2166

You can put away the political blame game... Among the shooter's favorite political books are The Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, and The Republic (search google for "classitup10" and his youtube profile for his reading list).

  Essentially you and many others in this thread have used this tragedy as a political soap box to take cheap shots at your political opponents. That is simply loathsome behavior. At least wait until you know all the facts before getting out the political knives next time.

Comment Re:sad (Score 1) 2166

On the other hand gun-totting rednecks on a rampage seem like near daily occurrence.

Perhaps if you could give us a list of all that "violence coming from the left" in the US that is somehow being cleverly conceal

How about a peaceful Tea Party member being sent to the hospital by union goons during the health care debate? Or maybe the unprosecuted, clear voter intimidation brought to you by club weilding Blank Panther thugs. I guess those violent groups don't exit since they're on the left and therefore must be live and let live types? There are plenty of crazies on the right, but claiming the left doesn't have its share goons and enforcers is blind mindedness.

Comment Re:capitalists take note (Score 1) 398

It is amazing to me that you can, in the space of 24 hours or so, go from calling me complacent and ignorant, to a common cynic and still remain so confident in your assessment of others whom you do not know. Why not just admit you have no idea exactly what I think? ... That would be forward progress.

Your denial of engaging in ad hominem and especially straw man fallacies cannot be taken seriously.

Comment Re:capitalists take note (Score 1) 398

common simple and easy cynicism is a poor replacement for true intelligence. your thinking is a dime a dozen, and just not very bright

Fallacious arguments (e.g. straw men and ad hominem) is no substitute for a real discussion. As far as I can tell, all you have really done in your responses is presume to know my positions (which I am virtually certain you do not) and to refuse an actual discussion. Perhaps I missed something though...

Maybe I said or did something to offend you if. If I did, I can assure you that it was not my intent but rather to have a vigorous discussion.

Comment Re:capitalists take note (Score 1) 398

the false alarmist, and the false complacent, two types of fucking ignorant morons, one of which you are a shining example of

Actually, I believe that the U.S. is on the road to crumbling from within due in part to morale and cultural erosion and to a lesser extent corporatism. This is the way most empires crumble (from within) and I believe that will be the way the U.S. ultimately falls.

I'm far more pessimistic regarding America's future than almost everyone I know. I just disagree with you regarding what the major threat is.

Comment Re:capitalists take note (Score 1) 398

I made no morale arguement about the Chinese autocracy, so about 2/3rds of your post is fallacious (i.e. straw man arguments). You didn't even bother trying to refute any of the points I made in my post.

A top down economy versus a more spontaneous and decentralized one is not even a fair fight to be honest. Saying I'm complacent does not even begin to understand my position regarding the U.S. economy. I am not afraid of a Chinese hegemony, it does not follow that I believe that the U.S. economy will remain preeminent. I simply believe that the Chinese economy will not dominate for a number of reasons (e.g. teetering mortgage sector, upcoming major structural transitions that will be required, etc.)

Comment Re:capitalists take note (Score 1) 398

the greatest enemy capitalism has ever known throughout the history of economics is not communism or socialism, but corporatism. a corporation is a top down autocratic organization that seeks nothing but more profit, be damned any other concerns, like fairness or egaltarianism. when they get large enough, corporations dominate their marketplace by dirty tricks like undercutting competitors prices to destroy them, and rent seeking agreements once they own the whole marketplace by colluding with other large players.

Yours is a populist post full of fear mongering that will never come to pass. You presume bigger is better which is demonstrably true by the last economic collapse. The largest tier financial institutions were decimated and many smaller institutions.

The larger an entity becomes, it is more efficient, but it is also more susceptible it is to rare, dramatic events (e.g. the housing collapse). Taleb calls these Black Swan Events. This is due to complexity growing exponentially as size increases. At some point, like the dinosaurs, an unexpected event happens, and the smaller mammals who are better able to adapt end up feasting on your corpse. Top down run organizations, like the Chinese economy, are very vulnerable to this type of risk in addition to a number of other inefficiencies it suffers from.

Comment Re:Fail (Score 1) 398

Well this is the difference between a state that has long term goals of improving it countries vs. corporations that can't see beyond the next quarterly report.

This is exactly what was said about the Japanese economy (and business culture) when it was doing well. The Chinese also have to drag around the yoke of rampant government (in addition to the standard private) corruption.

Comment Re:"Ubuntu is already starting to ship on some ARM (Score 1) 342

There is a metric ton of software available. Lots of web browsers, window managers, office suites etc. make for a nice experience. Windows will have many years worth of software ecosystem catch up to play. In the ballpark of a 500-800MHz or better processor and 192MBs RAM (256 is a lot nicer) is required for a pleasant user experience.

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