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Comment Re:Am I one of the few... (Score 1) 376

I agree. They're better than the originals, especially Revenge of the Sith.

I think the biggest problem is that the originals left so much open to the imagination when it came to the prequels. People grew up on them and their imagination of the prequels took hold and they imagined them to be something they couldn't possibly be. Too many people as adults continued to remember Star Wars from their childhood perspective and never acknowledged much of the silliness and flaws -- the silliness and flaws weren't apparent when we were children and they're hard to acknowledge as an adult because that would mean reassessing the quality of those films.

OMG that is EXACTLY what I have tried to convey to people I know, pretty much since 1999...I think my problem though was less-flattering terminology, i.e. "man-children still cherishing their Yoda Undaroos".

But yea, who among us didn't start concocting images in our heads of what the other movies would be like as soon as walking out of the theatre in '83? I think a lot of childhood imagination was pored into that 83-99 time period, and that late-20-early-30-something walked into the Phantom Menace expecting that same childlike wonder to wash over them, but y'know, they weren't actually kids anymore.

The later films had flaws, sure, but they weren't the high crime that many...many many many...fans made them out to be.

Comment Re:I may be naive... (Score 1) 128

Well, yes, but the issue with that analogy is that just connecting to the internet doesn't make you "you". When I connect at home, I'm not browsing websites as my actual, or any, self; I will go identify (i.e. login) as "me" to Facebook, then llogout. Go next to Google+, then logout. Come to /. then logout.

Being on the internet now is to be a series of disconnected selves as you join and leave insular virtual universes. IMO that is inherently *anti*-social. I envision a decentralized social network as having a singular virtual self.

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