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Comment Re:Unrelated to 2012 DA14? (Score 1) 409

Actually, meteors hitting the earth's atmosphere is a very common event. It happens almost every night. The only difference is that this time the meteor was large enough to be visible and have this result. The big 45m piece of asteroid passing by isn't that uncommon either, it's just passing by relatively close compared to other asteroids. In short: we're not talking about two uncommon events (certainly not "very rare"). You're falling for the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy here.

Where does the logic stand here?
- Big 45m asteroids wandering in the solar system: common event
- Meteors hitting the earth's atmosphere: common event
- 45m asteroid passing by, closer than the moon and even closer than the geostationary satellites: very uncommon
- A meteor falling on Earth big enough to make 500+ injuries: very uncommon
And... in the same day we have these two very uncommon events!
very uncommon x very uncommon = very very uncommon!

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