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Comment Re:Is it just me? (Score 2) 346

My rant-of-the-day goes to Google (docs). I also thought that after all these years Google must have built a robust and intuitive product able to compete with MS office in terms of feature and compatibility. And decided to give it a try (using the latest Chrome). Conclusion is disappointment. Small docs lightly decorated (bold, italics, colors...) are usually ok either from MSO to GD or straight from/to GD. When it comes to create numerated chapters, margins, headers footers etc... you must count on your best of luck. It may or may not work the way you think it would. Talking bugs, missing features, compatibility issues / different rendering depending on where you view the doc etc... It sounds like Google Docs is an abandonned project.

To a larger extend I'm under the impression the problem covers many Google products. And this is where the rant takes place. There are many brilliant people at Google. And Google is expanding a lot. Good technicians become managers, new people fill the teams. Brilliant people move to the new or strategic projects. All of this, happening at a fast pace, results in very good ideas being implemented by brillant people, who move to management / something else to fill the new juicy positions created by an uncontrolled expansion. While those brilliant people enjoy the satisfaction of having given birth to spectacular novelties, the - initially good - products are then maintained by lower profile / new staff, not having the same level of motivation (creators vs maintainers, basically). Thus many products are left with obvious and annoying bugs for months or even years ( just to name a few, Maps (website) while in a foreign country ignoring language options and display names in local language ; Search now ignoring domains that are supposed to be filtered out based on settings etc... Just visit Google forums - bugs last for a long time, and replies from Google teams, when present, do not usually answer positively the initial question. All products have bugs - ok - but it seems the staff doesn't care much. It reminds me [not that bad yet, but gets closer] the Microsoft forums of the early 2000 where the MS staff only answered with arrogance ).

Comment So snobbish (Score 0) 514

Seriously, you wonder what human language you have to learn next? You're American, native English speaker? What do you need more than that? There are so many opportunities within the US, + companies abroad looking for English speakers - even in China, Japan, and most of European countries, there are plenty of foreign companies over there that would be happy to hire a native English speaker. But anyway, you want to stay in the US... Just learn a foreign language as a hobby, not seeking professional opportunities - that looks so snobbish.

Comment Re:Maps was always an Apple app (Score 1) 279

Google included the map turn / tilt that was added to Apple Maps initially. Am I the only one being driven crazy by this feature that cannot be turned off? Just by zooming + or - with two fingers while turning a bit (which happens often and I've no Alzheimer), the top is no longer North oriented... highly annoying.

Submission + - Google Maps finally available on iOS

hcs_$reboot writes: After the disastrous Apple Maps replacement over Google Maps in September, Google made a Maps app on iOS approved and released by Apple today. The app includes turn-by-turn directions, vector-based graphics and live traffic data. It's available from the Apple Store for iPhone and iPod touch (and iPad — iPhone format). At least.

Comment Re:wine (Score 1, Interesting) 255

Actually... I hope the best for Darling - i.e. not the same future as Wine. Since 1993 the Wine team struggles to get Windows programs running on Linux, and after almost 20 years it's still a pita to have most of the win applis evolving smoothly under Wine. Not sure if it's MS fault, but we're still there, in 2012.

Submission + - Microsoft Surface deemed a dud, Q4 sales could come in below 1M units ( 1

zacharye writes: While some see potential in Microsoft’s Surface tablet, most industry watchers appear to have written off the device at this point. Orders were reportedly cut in half following a slow launch, and Microsoft’s debut slate has been hammered time and time again by reviewers and analysts. The latest to pile on is Boston-based brokerage firm Detwiler Fenton, which estimates that when all is said and done, Microsoft will have sold fewer than 1 million Surface tablets in the slate’s debut quarter...

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