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Comment Re:If he asks and doesn't take your advice (Score 1) 340

I agree completely. I have an elderly family member that can screw up a fresh OS install in a week. He will install 3 or 4 antivirus programs, 3 or 4 "registry cleaners", 5 or 6 toolbars, 2 or 3 download optimizers and every free trial nagware that promises to optimize his computer. He WILL NOT LEARN. I got tired of trying to fix his computer which merely consisted of uninstalling crap so I did the best thing I could think of: I cloned his HDD over to an SSD and now his PC will boot in 2 minutes instead of 10. I tell him over and over but he sees a pitch about something that promises to make his PC better or get him free coupons and he installs it. It is some kind of mental disease and I know of no Jedi mind tricks to change him...

Comment Title should be "US Patent office grants Apple..." (Score 0) 253

I'm disgusted at Apple for trying to patent this, but I am even more troubled by the US Patent Office for approving and granting them the patent. It is the Patent Office that needs to be reigned in here, along with Apple and all the other tech companies trying to patent rectangles and lights placed in PCs.

Comment Prevents a passenger from using the phone to text (Score 1) 144

This is like navigation systems that don't let you use them when the car is moving even though a passenger could be entering the info. I recently sent a message for my son who was driving. Perfectly safe even though the GPS would have detected motion. Maybe the app needs to read the status of the passenger airbag: if it is off due to no passenger, then block texting.

Comment Keynesian solution my ass! (Score 1) 311

Why did you say "we ought to be able to see more clearly how government spending bettered everyday life" Why don't you say "we ought to be able to see more clearly how world war bettered everyday life" "Clearly in the 1990s and early 2000s there were too few wars rather than too many to stimulate the US economy" correlation !=causation Still I would rather have a 1940 size US government with a 1940 size budget and 1940 amount of federal regulations. (and a 2012 respect for civil rights)

Comment Re:Water can kill you too (Score 3, Interesting) 337

Oxygen is good for people at 21% concentration. At 100% it causes toxic effects in the body especially in the lungs. Prolonged breathing of 100% Oxygen would be fatal. 100% Oxygen at pressures above atmospheric can rapidly kill technical Scuba divers. So just like DiHydrogen Monoxide is a potentially fatal chemical so is Oxygen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxygen_toxicity

Comment Some doctors in my hospital do cancel elective sur (Score 4, Interesting) 332

I am an anesthesiologist. When I am on overnight call I am always off the next day. Our group of Anesthesiologist strongly believes this is the right thing to do. On overnight call I don't come in until 3pm because 24 hours it too tiring. The motto of the American Society of Anesthesiologists is "Vigilance" You can not be vigilant if you are sleep deprived. On several occasions I have seen heart surgeons who are up at night with emergencies call off scheduled, elective cases in the morning. Perhaps we just have a good bunch of surgeons here, but all of the OR team (nurses, perfusionists, Anesthesiologists...) think it is the right thing to do.

Comment Free Legal care! (Score 3, Insightful) 475

Where is the call for the US governemt to take over Legal care?
Isn't legal care a right? Isn't $425,000 a big bill to be paid?
Where are the liberals and the Democrats in calling for Lawyers to be paid like Doctors?
How about a system of free legal care for everyone with lawyers paid according to a scale set by the governemnt? Spying on kids = $8,000 fee, not $425,000.
Unlike Obamacare, this really could save taxpayers money.

I just wish Congress did unto lawyers what they do unto doctors.....

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