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Comment Re:meaningless? (Score 1) 46

You know you're driving me crazy, right? Who are you guys going after? Who are you parodying?

Oh, there ain't nobody here but us chickens
There ain't nobody here at all
So quiet yourself and stop that fuss
There ain't nobody here but us
Kindly point the gun the other way
And hobble, hobble, hobble, hobble off and hit the hay,
there ain't nobody here but us chickens.



Comment Re:meaningless? (Score 1) 46

Pretty sure... do you think "So-crates and Aristophanes" commented on the founding fathers of the United States of america? How about on the T-partiers? How about the comparison between the two?

Because I am willing to learn, if you are doing more than "just saying".



Comment Re:Think that's bad? (Score 1) 20

I've driven three thousand miles in the last month, mostly in long stretches of 300 or 1000 miles. I either go A) the speed of traffic, or B) cruise set at 5mph over the speed limit. Usually, the speed of traffic is a bit higher than five over, but think of it from a predator/prey perspective. You're safer in a pack.

Me too! Under the radar, I say.

I drove to Chicago and back last week. There's a section of freeway where the speed limit is 35, the speed of traffic was about 65,

How come the speed limit is so low there?

and they've got traffic cameras with blinky blue lights so you can see them.

That seems sporting of them.



Comment Re:gender transenders (Score 1) 13

Did I miss something? I was looking for her take on "Harry Benjamin Syndrome". I am somewhat familiar with her writing on gender.

In the three written pages of the link you provided, I did not get a hit for "syndrome". But I did not read the whole thing, I am somewhat busy fighting some fires.

Does Kate comment on "Harry Benjamin Syndrome" in the oral interview?

I read most of her book, "Gender Outlaws". Have to get back to that, but I loaned it to a friend.

Comment Re:okay (Score 1) 10

I drive a 2001 Camry, 4 door sedan. I am not in the market for another car. My hope is not to be, for at least a couple years.

When I look for one, I will likely get the updates and year over year experience of the Fusion, on the road.

I am glad to hear that America is back in the business of making excellent cars. I heard Ford is the best American car company at present.

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