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Comment Yeah right (Score 1) 426

What dream world do you live in. I did that, but stopped - because NOBODY CARES - it works in the majority browser, that that's it. Can't watch it - tough, get a "real" browser is the feedback you get 99.9999999% of the time.

Comment Re:Advertiser versus advertiser (Score 1) 426

"Anybody with strong feelings about which web browser is the best is probably spending too much time surfing the web, and is in fact suffering from an internet addiction. IE 7, Opera, and Firefox are all pretty similar from a normal end-user perspective."

Or you are just so retarded you can't tell big difference.

Comment Re:Multiple interpretations (Score 1) 542

"It seems it's not just a matter of money, it's a question of proof, technical feasability, willingness on the part of the ISP's and quite a lot of money."

Sure its a matter of money, they don't care about proof (just an excuse) but technicians cost money. If the riaa handed them 5000$ every time, they would just do it.

Comment Re:flicker crashes (Score 1) 303

"Just because you don't have some trait doesn't mean that other people don't. "

That is true.

"In this case, that trait is how fast your eyes can see. Congratulations, you have slower eyes."

But that isn't. Human eyes don't have a "frame rate" - you let it get to you, he doesn't.

Comment Re:Idle? (Score 1) 195

I mind - it was much more readable before.

But then that is what 2.0 is all about: Making it more difficult for the end user.

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