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Submission + - Meta Question about text in user sidebar

hsmyers writes: "In the sidebar which normally lists karma and such like I've found:

Reply to "Re:LD50?" by spottedkangaroo [X]
Reply to "Re:LD50?" by bazald [X]

Which despite the prescence of the delete button refuse to go away. What's up?"

Comment Re:And Google rejoices (Score 1) 147

Seems to me that would depend entirely on what they do with the results. If the answer is 'nothing that the web sees again' then no harm, no foul. On the other-hand things quickly gray up if the info is re-posted in an altered form. The guy who scraped Cragslist and made it easier to use comes to mind. Not sure if this qualifies as 'ruining the quality' or not, but the Craigslist lawyers were quick to react. If the guy doesn't (or hasn't caved) it will be interesting to see what happens.

Comment What happens to 'old' supercomputers? (Score 1) 55

While I applaud (and always do) advances in supercomputers, it raises the question of what happens to the previous generation(s). I'd love to get my hands on even one of the blade based boxes in your usual configuration. Might not be good for the projected tasks in modern proposals, but they would be more than good enough for my modest needs. Anyone know who the surplus process works?

Comment Ads as a guide` (Score 1) 282

Check out the advertisements in Digital Photo Pro and similar. There are usually a number of ads for backpack style bags----some of which are designed for laptops as well. I'd tell you what I use, but I don't haul around my photo-laptop so my setup wouldn't work for you. A smallish bag is good for my Nikon and my best guess regards needed lens(s) of the day. I know I've see adds, sorry can't remember specifics....

Comment Still alive aren't you? (Score 1) 772

I'd say that since you aren't dead yet (no check for zombie) then the very notion of 'too late' goes right the hell out the window. Find a project that interests you; implement it in the 'new' language and see what happens. If you and the language don't 'click', pick another language. Lots of languages, lots of projects---shouldn't be a problem; good luck :)

Comment Re:HP dv7 (Score 1) 207

Read my mind! Most of my needs are calculation, not graphics. In fact the normal display of my boxen/laptops is sufficient to tell me if I'm on the right track. I'm still addicted to fractals after all of these years :) Started before fracint after a grad class at UCSC and have been hooked ever since. I've even toyed but not yet cut code with the idea of using the GPU version of the Amazon Cloud. The (pun alert) complexity is high, but the price is right! I figure that given what we are talking about as a initial breadboard, I could map out my code and then move to the Cloud. Don't know if you've seen the ultra hi res photos that allow substantial zooming, but that is more or less my target. Imagine a fractal that you can zoom in on without crunching the numbers, because they are pre-calculated! :)

Comment Re:HP dv7 (Score 1) 207

Wasn't talking about Thunderbolt---I've no machine capable of such a connection---nor do I have any confidence in it's longevity. I'm looking for a simpler approach using existing existing connectors (sufficient for the needs of the hardware in question) plus outboard slot with power brick. Give me that and I'm good to go. Better if it supports higher end boards, but I'll settle for as many GPUs as I can get my hands on :)

Comment Re:HP dv7 (Score 1) 207

Because you can't afford one? Couple of grand is fine if you have it---much less fine if you don't. Don't much care for the lashup described in the referenced article, but a link towards the end leads to some bare metal work that brings the price down to around 300.00 or so. What I'd like to see is a simple box that allows a graphics adapter slot upgrade (or two) for existing boxen. Might take a while to save up (fixed income and all that) but given one, the possibilities are large. Oddly enough, I don't particularly want the graphics, but I'd love to get my hands on multiple processors :)

Comment Re:Well That Does It (Score 1) 722

Ah! That is a statement with which I agree completely. Although given his audience had he used anything normal to his generation, the target of his remarks would have been completely confused. They don't understand even their 'own' culture, let alone anyone else's. In fact I'm not sure they understand anything except the bizarre notions that pass for 'truth' among them.

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