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Comment Re:Sensationalism? (Score 1) 126

Sensationalism? Yes.

News? No.

Steam goes down like this every few weeks - I can count a few instances lasting for several hours at a time this year. Dozens of instances for this happening for several minutes. It means their, uh, servers have crashed and they need to reboot or replace them. This is literally Computers 101 content.

Comment Re:I though it was over consumption of cals. (Score 1) 470

The problem here is that nobody not on a strictly regimented diet or suffering from an eating disorder only eats as much calories than they need.

Human biology heavily pushes people towards moderate over-consumption. In fact, going under the amount of calories you require will cause significant fatigue and pain.

Calories in, calories out. For a slim person, however, the calories are coming out in their waste, because their body does not digest it the same way it does in fat people. That is, in fact, what the summary said.

Comment Re:And this is why I'll never live in a walled gar (Score 1) 409

The problem here is that at that point your platform doesn't matter - in fact, companies do get granted injunctions on trademark matters all the time. You might have noticed some more important ones reported on Slashdot - and trust me, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Comment Re:Is this different from sport? (Score 0, Flamebait) 487

Fuck you you little ignorant shit.

I have a very serious, crippling disease. I spend more than half of my day managing medical treatments, and I need frequent surgery to keep me alive and I still can barely walk - and not always even that. It consumes so much of my time I have weeks I can accomplish nothing but keeping the symptoms at bay.

Life as it is doesn't have a level playing field. Society doesn't have a level playing field. I'm a pariah, a joke to people around me - when they bother to acknowledge the hobbling cripple at all. Picking on the cripple is good fun - ignoring the cripple is what people do most of the time.

So take your just world fallacy and shove it up your ass. Life isn't fair.

Comment Re:Why are these approved? (Score 1) 216

And to add to that point:

People dying is very bad advertising for new medications, so FDA has an interest in preventing that. However, if someone else can be blamed for the death - or if it causes symptoms that can be treated or reversed - suddenly FDA cares much less.

Because if someone hacks a pacemaker the death can be blamed squarely on the hacker and FDA's hands are clean. Despite letting a dangerous, hackable pacemaker enter the market.

In many ways, FDA approval resembles a brand. And I suppose in that analogy supplements are "offbrand products".

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