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Comment Re:Why this is bad (Score 0) 410

Don't like the terms? Don't license it. I'd prefer to see the whole permission culture shit go away anyway. But unless you're going to argue that they shouldn't have any say on whether their arms are presented in a game at all, it's a little absurd to argue that they shouldn't get to negotiate how the arms are used in the game as part of the licensing deal.

Comment Re:The USPTO is holding roundtables (Score 5, Informative) 211

Alternatively, since they have to follow court rulings, we could try: OBVIOUSNESS TEST FOR SOFTWARE PATENTS SHOULD BE DONE BY SOMEONE WHOSE EXPERTISE IN THE FIELD INVOLVES MORE THAN SENDING E-MAIL IN OUTLOOK. Seriously, where do they find these people? If it's software to do X, it should be examined by someone with expertise in the field of software AND the field of X.

Comment Re:This will be abused... (Score 2, Funny) 83

While I believe this is a good thing for evolution, I know it will be abused.

If all it takes to pick up an object with a limb is an opposable thumb, this will surely be abused by people.

Instead of picking up a banana, one could pick up a deadly rock. The appendage could also be used to deliver a choke where they would no longer require both limbs. You'd get grappling.

How easy would it be to make a pointy stick. You don't have to get as close to people to strike any more just don't wear thin hide.

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