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Comment humor (Score 1) 413

While I know this is an unfortunate event, I have to say that the comments on this thread are the funniest I've read all week.

My opinion is, any good man probably wouldn't have a problem with others finding some amusement about his death, and any bad man does a great service to mankind with post-mortem amusement . Personally I'd want everyone who knew or cared about my death, including my family, to find something funny about it. Or laugh at all the stupid and or funny things I did in life.


Submission + - Man kills cat over video game (

Cazakatari writes: A Virginia man allegedly killed a kitten after the animal somehow disconnected a video game while he was playing it Monday night, police charge. Bruce Walston, 21, is facing an animal cruelty charge for allegedly killing his girlfriend's black kitten by throwing it against a wall in their apartment, according to the below Staunton Police Department report.

Comment Re:Not really 'impotence'... (Score 1) 892

He is talking about in this life, as am I. Sure, I hope that God will help me along and I think he is, but it isn't something one can just expect right when you follow a commandment. There's no promise in the bible that if you're a good christian God will make life easy for you, in fact it is mostly the opposite.

Following a religion just because you want reward or fear punishment is silly, and not what God wants.

Comment Re:Not really 'impotence'... (Score 1) 892

I don't know if it is ''troll'' in the literal sense, but Man on Pink is either ignorant about religions or a bigot.

It really is saddening to see how so many people here think they're on the scientific high ground of knowledge and criticize religions so broadly. All they show is blatant ignorance (which is what they are accusing religion of strangely enough)

Some sects believe that ''the universe owes them something,'' don't get me wrong, but not all by a long shot. Maybe those are the most vocal because it's what people like to hear, personally I don't care for them either

In any case my personal christian belief almost exactly matches what he said about science:

''starts from the premise that whatever secrets Mother Nature holds will have to be earned through hard work. There are no promises of results and no guarantees that understanding will ever be reached.''


CBSA Reveals Some Laptop Search Info, But Not Much 151

gmcmullen writes "The Canada Border Service Agency took its time getting documents on its policy for border searches of laptops to the BC Civil Liberties Association in response to an Access to Information request the BCCLA filed in October 2009. When the reply did come through, there wasn't much there. The documents were heavily redacted and whole sections of the Access to Information request were ignored, including requests for information on the number of laptops searched and policies for copying data from electronic devices. We did learn that the CBSA knows that 500 megabytes is roughly equivalent to 'a pickup truck full of books,' and use Windows-only software called ICWhatUC to scan for images. Documents also revealed that the CBSA understands that most 'Japanese Anime' is not child pornography, and that your family photos (even with kids in the tub) aren't child pornography either. We've made the documents we did receive available online so you can see for yourself."

Comment Re:FAIL (Score 1) 107

This is true, the only reason this technique was so successful with screwworm is because the females only mate once. So all they got were duds from

By the same principle, sterilizing females would have no effect if the males mate with more than one female.

Submission + - Fox News attacks bugs, Entomologists strike back (

Cazakatari writes: Sean Hannity on Fox News recently blasted Michigan State University for using stimulus funds to preserve their historic bug collection, which has insulted many entomologists (including myself). Supposedly this is wasteful spending, since only a few jobs were directly created. However, the collection is a library of information for research on agricultural pest control research, which no one will deny is both important and makes jobs. Most importantly, the way the news organization leered about ''bug scientists'' has proven their ignorance. If you don't like bugs, entomologists are the wrong people to slander.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 276

That is a valid point, and where things probably get hazy in the study. While I don't really believe using a computer actually burns many calories, it sure as hell burns more than watching TV.

The brain can account for about 20% of daily energy usage, so if the child in question just sits around all day and doesn't exercise, it is plausible to guess that doing something that requires more ''thinking'' than TV will have some difference as far as calorie burning goes.

I doubt it is the only factor though

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