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Comment Re:If you want to convince skeptics... (Score 3, Insightful) 848

And what, exactly, distinguishes a lying sack of shit like Monckton or Watts from a holocaust denier? They know they are wrong, they are not that stupid. They lie, lie and lie again, each lie gets debunked multiple times by people actually giving a shit, and 2 weeks later, they spout the same lies in a slightly rephrased manner.

Comment Re:About 3000t mass, and 100kt energy (Score 1) 196

And now imagine that happening just 30 years ago. An object entering on a ballistic trajectory and setting off a 500 kt airblast essentially over the main Soviet plutonium facility in Mayak next to Chelyabinsk. I am retroactively shitting myself right now. As a species, we have more luck than common sense...

Comment Re:Some insulation sure would help (Score 1) 215

When you split wood in the summer for heat in the winter you quickly develop a respect for how quickly those little inefficiencies add up, and you do something about them.

And believe me, that respect increases when you find out that you did not split enough wood in summer and have to grab your axe and do some chopping in the freezing cold, as I found out last week. Ok, I wouldn't have had to, since I got oil heating to, but given the relative cost of oil and wood, I very much prefer to run the oil burner at a minimum. Also, a huge-ass tiled stove in the living room simply rocks.

Comment Re:fræk (Score 1) 210

Indeed. I have been living in the US while working on a project for my PhD for about 6 months. Wasn't really convinced by the quality of the beef either. Then again, I am somewhat lucky to get beef from pastures in the foothills of the alps right around the corner - or at least I was. Moved a bit farther north by now.

Comment Re:fræk (Score 1) 210

Beef or no beef is also a false dichotomy. I love beef. But I only eat it roughly every two weeks. Sourced locally, from a farmer that pastures his cows on a piece of land only marginally useful for other agricultural purposes. I guess you could get a higher biomass to meat conversion by pasturing goats there, but, heck, while I like goat, I wouldn't want to make it my staple meat source either. Looks pretty sustainable to me. I just avoid the high intensity feedlot crap. That's indeed the stuff that has to go if you think about sustainability.

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