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Comment Re:fræk (Score 1) 210

Indeed. I have been living in the US while working on a project for my PhD for about 6 months. Wasn't really convinced by the quality of the beef either. Then again, I am somewhat lucky to get beef from pastures in the foothills of the alps right around the corner - or at least I was. Moved a bit farther north by now.

Comment Re:fræk (Score 1) 210

Beef or no beef is also a false dichotomy. I love beef. But I only eat it roughly every two weeks. Sourced locally, from a farmer that pastures his cows on a piece of land only marginally useful for other agricultural purposes. I guess you could get a higher biomass to meat conversion by pasturing goats there, but, heck, while I like goat, I wouldn't want to make it my staple meat source either. Looks pretty sustainable to me. I just avoid the high intensity feedlot crap. That's indeed the stuff that has to go if you think about sustainability.

Comment Re:Been saying that... (Score 1) 376

Moreover, ecosystems often do not reach stable equilibria, but can exhibit wildly fluctuating boom-bust cycles in which a predator population explodes in response to an abundance of prey, then crashes after eating most of the prey, leading to an explosion of the prey population due to a lack of predators and so on - see the Lotka-Volterra equation for a simple model. It's not the kind of dynamics I particularly prefer in my economic system

Comment Re:And thus... (Score 1) 141

Slashdot? Seriously? You cannot handle the "degree" symbol?? Hey, admins! Yea, you guys!! Hello!!!! Wake up and take your cheeto-stained fingers from your dicks and at least get this code to 1990s standards, would you, pretty please?

Comment Re:And thus... (Score 1) 141

We will probably have to, yes. I would prefer a technique with a short half-life, though, i.e. something that allows us to stop the cooling effect we geoengineer in quickly. I have that ugly scenario in mind that we drop the average temperature by, say, 2 degrees, and can't stop that cooling for, say, 5 years. Then WHAM! BAM! a major volcanic eruption barfs up a shitload of sulfur dioxide and particulates into the stratosphere and adds another -2ÂC for 2 years. Good bye, growing seasons...

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