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Comment Re:I assume you mean MD-diagnosed (Score 1) 423

The only way you will know is if you get a blood test. The symptoms for H1N1 are exactly the same as the regular flu (SHOCK!)

That said, I have had H1N1. It was the flu. There was nothing different, except I am not immune to it. This was the first time I had the flu in almost 15 years. It was just like the last time. I think it is safe to say, if you are healthy and never got the flu when everyone else had it and you suddenly have it this year.. you have swine flu. Everyone I know with it (blood test proven h1n1) has had similar stories to my own. Now we don't need any vaccine since our immune systems have created antibodies! The only downside is I still have bronchitis from my H1N1 battle :(


Google-Microsoft Crossfire Will Hit Consumers 336

theodp writes "Newsweek's Dan Lyons doesn't know who will be the winner in Google and Microsoft's search battle, but that's not stopping him from picking a loser — consumers. As we head towards a world where some devices may be free or really cheap, consumers should prepare to be bombarded by ads or pay a premium to escape them. 'The sad truth is that Google and Microsoft care less about making cool products than they do about hurting each other,' concludes Lyons. 'Their fighting has little to do with helping customers and a lot to do with helping themselves to a bigger slice of the money we all spend to buy computers and surf the Internet. Microsoft wants to ruin Google's search business. Google wants to ruin Microsoft's OS business. At the end of the day, they both seem like overgrown nerdy schoolboys fighting over each other's toys.'"

Comment Re:Easy solution: (Score 1) 218


rely on other methods to stop spam, not blacklists. my blacklists have the lowest priority so that a valid mail from a blacklisted address will not get blocked. as of last check we catch 98% of spam. i'll take the bandwidth hit if it means my customers don't miss valid emails.


Comment Re:I like the Ras Al Gul approach (Score 1) 218

that's fine. but now these russian malware gangs keep jumping ship over and over. a host provider gets a malware gang, catch it and disable them within 24 hours, but by then so much spam went out they were blacklisted. when does that ip or netblock get removed from the blacklist? most likely never. and that is the problem i have with blacklists.


Comment Re:I like the Ras Al Gul approach (Score 5, Interesting) 218

My problem with that is when you get reassigned IP space from a spammer. My host aquired a block from ARIN, which used to host russian servers. Well these russian servers were apparently spambots because I just recently found out yahoo does not accept mail from any of my servers. This is a major problem and jumping ship to another host does not guarantee this problem will go away. I had no clue who to contact and ended up requesting new ip space from my provider... but that caused a world of pain for my customers.

I used to think my old boss was crazy when he said he never wanted our antispam solution to rely on any blacklist provider and it didn't really sink in until I was on the opposite end of the spectrum. Blacklists are bad.


Comment Re:HTC (Score 1) 123

ok two things.

1) the 3.2MP camera has a flash, the hero lacks it and you end up with a lot of blurry useless pics. i will never buy a phone without a flash again. and yes i take pictures with my phone, they take perfect for-facebook pics

2) you can use your old sero plan, as long as you have unlimited internet otherwise you'll have high bills and the customer reps will laugh at you. however you should not buy your phones in the store, they are trained to make sure you have everything plans. this is where the clueless monkies at best buy come into play. tell them you have an everything plan and they will continue on like there is no problem. however consider their current everything deal. $70 (after taxes) = unlimited text, data (including tethering), calls to any mobile phone, and 450 daytime minutes for google voice. can you complain?


Comment Re:HTC (Score 5, Informative) 123

Anyone know what kind of custom stuff they're build for Android?

Sense UI and a few applications. Nothing spectacular, android steals all the glory. In fact, don't waste your time on the HTC Hero.. wait another week and get the Samsung Moment. Faster proc, onscreen keyboard and physical keyboard, better battery life.

I love my HTC Hero but boy is it slow at times. And I'm not just talking about waiting for an app to load, there are times when the entire device just decides to freeze up for 2-3 seconds while queuing input.


Comment Re:Nobody's going to work for a government salary. (Score 3, Interesting) 222

GS-15 pays 6 figures. combined with federal Job For Live(TM) job security, retirement perks that will allow you to continue as a "consultant" making the same salary for 20 more years, and virtually unlimited teleworking... i think that is pretty good deal. I'll sign up


Comment Re:Help! (Score 1) 144

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get on the phone with their billing department and figure out why my auto-pay billing keeps billing but never charges the card! I've got over $300 in late fees.. and I don't know why!

you're a fool to use your billers autopayment system. sure it's all great when you get charged the correct amount.. then there's that one random $100 mistake that gets charged to your account. don't worry though, they'll refund it after 30 days. albeit at a profit for them of at least PRIME%

you should always use your bank's billpay site where you can specify the amount. don't let their mistakes cost you money


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