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Comment Re:You have to sue before you can talk (Score 2) 123

Due to a court decision about ten years ago, patent holders now have to sue before they can discuss patent licensing.

Bullshit! There is no such rule.

Its perfectly normal to discuss licensing deals before suing someone. It happens all the time between civilized companies.

Then there are the rouge companies who refuse to even talk about licensing and sue directly - but they are hardly the norm.

Comment Re:Hundreds? (Score 1) 212

The speedup comes from the fact that the interface allows for higher amount of eletricity to flow into the cars batteries.

Cable and contacts need to be able to handle the higher voltage and ampare needed to fill the cars batteries with energy faster. The bigger the cable the more electrons can flow through it.

Comment Re:Very Disappointed! (Score 1) 183

It's your own fault. Have not people been telling you to stop downloading software from untrusted sites ?

You will get viruses and such if you insist of downloading from sites of disreputable companies
who many times has been found guilty of intellectual property theft in courts.

It's asking for trouble. Do what most people do - use a torrent!


Journal Journal: Samsung will sue Apple tomorrow ?

Tomorrow looks to be the day of the antipcited Apple release of the iPhone 5 but other sources tell of a threat to people being able to buy an iPhone directly after the announcement as they usually can. Samsung is in the final stages to start a court case against Apple if it is revealed that iPhone 5 support LTA or 4G in its phone.Apple has not licensed LTE from Samsung. Samsung has a large number of patents in the LTE tech and probably do what they can to stop Apple from selling their iPhon

Comment Re:The US situation (Score 2) 500

You can do that by color coding the paperballots in different colors so you dont get them confused and can put them in the right box of votes. For example blue paper ballots for presidental race, red for senate, white for house of reprasentatives, green for local elections and yellow, pink etc for propositions.

Comment Welcome to the Pirate Party, James (Score 5, Insightful) 544

The Pirate Party here in Sweden been arguing just these points for a long time now. Innovation is not happening in a vacuum. Great ideas inspire others to come up with even greater ideas. By sharing the information and sharing the data others can look at it and improve it and the speed of research will increase.

The patent system is not something that foster innovation. Its is something that hinder innovation. Remove it

Also the billions of money going to patents trolls and feeding lawyers to hand patents could be instead used to invest in research to further the science of mankind.

Comment Re:Cue the apologists (Score 1) 360

Remember the netbook ? The ones that ran Linux ? The ones that was a huge sucess with screen sizes of 7 and 9 inches ?

Then Microsoft came and got everyone to agree that a netbook has to have a 10 inch screen. And it killed netbook making them
small cheap notebooks. Now the pads is the netbook option once more and without a keyboard.

So everyone could have seen this coming - if they bothered to look and see what it was that got the consumer to fuss about the smaller 7 and 9 inch netbooks.

Comment Re:2013 (Score 4, Insightful) 360

Actually thats true. In the post-pc computing era 2013 is the year when Android will have sold more copies then Windows 7. With the post-pc era I'm talking about pc, smartphones and pads merged into one market for computers.

Currently the linux distrubution Android is outselling Windows 7 with about 50%. By the end of 2013 Android will have delivered
more units then Windows 7. In the longer run - with the current sales continuing - we are looking into future a situation where about 3 of 5 of the post pc era computors will be running a linux kernel and most of the others splitting with running Windows and iOS.

Well, unless the linux kernel distributions penetration and market share of sales goes up even more of course.

Comment Re:Not Published = Trash (Score 3, Insightful) 474

Yes, well given that the report just showed basically the same trend as IPCC reports, the report was not really the story. The real story was that we had a big non-believer on AGW had a change of heart when he did the research himself and came to the same conclusion as IPCC.

It basically said that if you dont trust IPCC reports - do the research yourself and you will get the same results.

Comment Re:Now he joins "The Skeptical Environmentalist" (Score 2) 769

In terms of AGW its all about USA. USA is one of a very few select holdouts countries that refuse to do anything about AGW.

With USA on board the rest of the holdouts will be forced to join too.

USA is also the biggest contributor to AGW so if USA fix their pollution it will have a vary large impact on the world.

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