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Comment Re:Android. (Score 0) 111


Android is open source so its a target for those that hunt for fame. iOS is closed source so its harder to find the problems and thus they get less publicity since most are fixed internally.

In reality Android is more secure since its open source and all errors is easier to find for fame hunters.

Comment Re:Erickson actually crreated (Score 1) 75

End users pay for it when they buy the product. Usage is free for end customers. Selling products containing a patent is not allowed and yes you must pay all patent holders for it - even if the patent was included in the product by a

Example: Companies makes a produkt and sells it for $100 and the patent owner P demads 5% or $5 per unit.

Company B makes the product itself and pays $5 per unit to patentowner P.

Company A wants to make similar produkt as B and buys some items from B for $10 (containing the patent so P gets $0.50 per unit) and make the rest themselves and assembly them and sell its produkt for $100 on the market.

Should really patent owner P only get $0.50 per produkt from B when A pays $5 per unit in patent fees ?

No B needs to pay patents fees for added value and thus need to pay $4.50 per unit to P.

Comment Re:ARCTIC vs ANTARCTIC (Score 1) 319

Actually the reverse is true. We are slowly going into a coming ice-age. Been at it for about 10 000 years.

Thus the warming of the planet is very perplexing since the natural state for our time is for the planet to get colder until we get an new ice-age. But something has changed. We human has terraformed the world.

Comment Re:Typical sensationalist Slashdot subjectline (Score 2) 381

So what they want is a regioncoded Internet where every company deliver a different internet depending on from which country you come from ?

Sorry, but IP-adresses and the web protocol don't contain any information about which country someone is from.

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