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Comment Re:ARCTIC vs ANTARCTIC (Score 1) 319

Actually the reverse is true. We are slowly going into a coming ice-age. Been at it for about 10 000 years.

Thus the warming of the planet is very perplexing since the natural state for our time is for the planet to get colder until we get an new ice-age. But something has changed. We human has terraformed the world.

Comment Re:Typical sensationalist Slashdot subjectline (Score 2) 381

So what they want is a regioncoded Internet where every company deliver a different internet depending on from which country you come from ?

Sorry, but IP-adresses and the web protocol don't contain any information about which country someone is from.

Comment Re:might be stupid, not a catch-22 (Score 1) 195

That is how it is today.

And it does not stop the judge from claiming they need to export the data från ireland.

The only way to prevent it if Microsoft sell all holdings in their foregn compainies and cease all business in all countries outside the ISA.

This affects all multinationals. They have to sell and go purely national to not be cought in this madness where in every country a judge can demand every data from any subsidary in another country.

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