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Comment Re:Been following this for awhile. (Score 1) 1240

At my school you had to pay for the locker each semester and there was also something to sign. I don't remember what it was I signed (7 years ago).

I might be a little more for privacy rights than most here since I was living the first 15 years of my life in Germany where there are much stronger privacy rights than in the USA. I'm just sometimes shocked to see how little people care for their privacy.

Comment Re:Track record? (Score 3, Interesting) 143

Breaking in into a bank through the ATM machine is probably the worst idea ever. Banks (or at least the banks I worked at) have a motion detector in the room behind the ATM. Only once I saw a bank that had an ATM removed and just covered up with plywood from the outside while the motion detector was disabled in that room. Triggering the ATM alarm is worse than the premises alarm because the premises alarm gets triggered sometimes from cleaning personnel or other employees but for the ATM room you need a special key that not everyone has.

I'm also not sure that you can easily go into debug mode without anyone noticing (assuming some employee let you in that room) because the ATM technicians have to call Diebold before doing anything with the machine. They will know if someone unauthorized is using the ATM and restarting with a live CD won't work because that will also trigger an alarm.
I'm guessing it was an Diebold employee that installed the malware since he would have been the only who could have gotten that much access to it.

Comment Re:Doesn't surprise me. (Score 1) 328

Good luck with that. I just had my first IT job as contractor (was even lucky to find something) for 5 months and I was lucky to make $400 a week. Now I'm searching again and the IT job market is still bad.
But what can someone with a 4.0 GPA Master degree and CCNA certification expect?

Comment Re:Robotic cars may be the answer (Score 1) 601

We are already on a good way to robotic cars. We already got cars that can park themselves, we got cars that can read street signs (to tell the driver the current speed limit), we got cars that can stay in the lane and keep a distance from the car ahead.
We just need a car that puts all those features into one car instead of just a few cars having one of those features.

Comment Re:Merit Pay (Score 1) 1038

According to do public school teachers make 50K on average. That doesn't sound bad. I also heard from another teacher complaining how little she made but later learned that she was also in the 50K range.
In my opinion do public school teachers make too much money already for what they offer.

Comment Re:But is this really bad for publishers? (Score 1) 242

Does anyone have real evidence that the used game industry really harms developers?

I don't have real evidence but common sense. Every used item "harms" the creator of it because the creator of the used item doesn't make money on the resell. The creator only cares about the amount of new items sold and reduced used items will cause more new items being sold (not the same amount as used copies sold before). Software also doesn't get bad over time so that you can get the same quality as the new item.
You could argue that prices will get lower for new items if no resell is possible but like with digital distribution it doesn't happen because most companies are not non-profit.

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