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Comment Re:I have a better idea... (Score 2, Interesting) 649

No you don't. That's Keynesian nonsense. Corporations that are poorly managed need to go bankrupt and the burden should not be placed on the tax payers. Yes, some people will lose their jobs. That's called life, sometimes it happens. The worst thing you can do is paper over it just to make everyone happy. Another company that is better managed will move in to fill the void, they always do. Now that executives of major corporations know they can rely on Uncle Sam to bail them out for making big mistakes (and they won't even go to jail if they commit massive fraud like the banking scandals of the last decade), there is no incentive for them to not take big gambles and otherwise behave more recklessly than they would if there were actual consequences.

I stopped reading at the jab towards Keynes. Please can someone put a literal bullet into the ideas of non-Keynesian Economics already. Friedman's asinine approaches to economic theory are the very reason we keep dipping into recessions and if left unchecked, great depressions.

Comment Re:I'm sorry (Score 1) 96

As a Mechanical Engineer, the Computer is only valueable for data acquisition. All the knowledge comes from the Engineer's Brain and some test calculations he/she has made with their designs, all accessible from a calculator. Once the data acquistion systems are in place [from small to large scale] the next step is to write some routines whether in Matlab, Octave, or whatnot as a means of taking the data stored from the database or spreadsheet and then used to run large matrix computations over hundreds to millions of data points, depending upon the accuracy and closed system you are testing. The OP who discussed brain rot is correct.

Comment Re:The sad fact of life is ... (Score 4, Interesting) 330

... that 50 years from now the media will have deified Jobs and next generations will believe he was a much much larger than life superhero who bootstrapped the entire computer industry and singlehandedly created new innovative products and touched so many people on a deep and personal level through his enduring work. And the real heros, Woz and the hundreds of Apple engineers and designers, will remain a footnote in some obscure appendix in a seldom read computer book, if that.

Makes me sick, this cult of the Jobs personality and posthumous canonization of a glorified $20-profit salesman.

The only people complaining of any fame are fans of Woz. Follow Wozniak's track record once the Macintosh [which he had nothing to do with] arrived. He completed a double B.S., got married, and did nothing but small, mindless little startups while getting paid today $120k a year [honorarily by Apple] for simply being alive. The real talent at Apple are the guys who Steve cultivated and who demanded he create NeXT when the board ousted him. I worked around them at NeXT. They dwarf Wozniak in knowledge, skills and capabilities to create great products. That same zeal was brought back to Apple. Wozniak had decades to extend his respect technologically by actually pioneering research in design of CPUs, GPUs, etc. He doesn't know it. He never did. Technology blew past Steve Wozniak and he decided to play Steve Jobs as a CEO and failed miserably every single time. The guy holds 4 patents in his entire engineering career, while being given Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory of resources to create. He isn't that genius. He's a celebrity who will always be the fat kid who Steve Jobs pulled out of his shell [Wozniak is quite clear on this point] and made him wealthy.

Comment India joins the US (Score 2, Interesting) 160

It isn't a coincidence that India agrees with the US on building out by using local talent. Europe will follow suit in each nation state, and South America will do the same. China's stranglehold on cheap materials/labor is no longer the driving factor in manufacturing. The top manufacturers in China are working on investing in foreign lands to avoid losing their present contracts. Over time, they'll lose them. It's an economic/intelligence/political trifecta approach to breaking China's dominance on flooding world markets and thus driving down competiting economies. In short, US, Euro and other nation states corporations realize that game is up. They know the import/export tariff imbalance days are over.

Comment Re:Bad approach. (Score 2) 354

there is nothing in the brain you can point to and call it a memory.

Hogwash! The weightings you talked about are the memories. They may not be easily recognized as a coherent memory (or part of) by a casual observer, but that's not the same as not being a "memory". You are confusing observer recognition with existence. Confusion does not end existence (except for stunt-drivers :-)

As far as whether following the brain's exact model is the only road to AI, well it's too early to say. We tried to get flight by building wings that flap to mirror nature, but eventually found other ways (propellers and jets).

I'd vote you up if I had points left. The OP is missing on so many areas. I started laughing with the fMRI not discovering free will bit.

Comment Re:I don't get it... (Score 2) 99

They have mirrors on the moon, that we routinely bounce lasers off of to measure distances and do Relativity experiments with. It's suddenly difficult to transmit information via laser? Why so slow? Why was this an accomplishment?

To demonstrate a line of sight transmission, from any possible point of orbit? Think about it. They are developing towards a true subspace solution.

Comment Re:Open Source drivers? (Score 1) 108

When will Nvidia and ATI release proper open source drivers instead of us having to install a binary blob to get our hardware working? That would really help if there were drivers that could ship in the kernel to handle ATI hardware instead of the closed source options.

Get off your butt and pitch in on the R600 target for LLVM/Clang and later the Mesa 10.x roadmap so that OpenGL 4.x and OpenCL 1.2 quality is available. After all, it's already happening. Worry about general computing first. Those improvements will role into the Catalyst driver.

Comment Re:Ban Walmart (Score 1) 1591

This shows that everyone against the Walmart can easily have the store chain banned. They sell everything needed for mass destruction, and guns aren't even needed!

Gasoline, Vaseline jelly, and Tupperware = napalm

Plastic jar, nails and screws, fertilizer, newspaper, and matches = shrapnel bomb

Bleach and ammonia = mustard gas

Any one of these (let alone all of them together) would bring as much destruction, pain, and misery as a gun. With this, our government has shown it cares not about the actual cause of the destruction, only the device that caused it and the people/places that sell it.

Time to pressure them to ban the Walmart and arrest anyone who shops there!

In a country where people can't write the equation for H2O you think they are going to become chemists and more to create mass mayhem. Shit, they can't even spell Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Dynamics, Statics, etc. Try again.

Comment Re:Clearly, this will fix the problem. (Score 1) 1591

Australia has also seen a 47% increase in the rate of violent assault and a 22% increase in the rate of sexual assault since enacting that ban.

In their case the lack of guns has resulted in fewer murders but an overall increase in violent crime.

In short, less death, more criminals stand trial. Your point?

Comment Re:Chicken or Egg? (Score 1) 1591

Lets say, you like firearms. But, lets say you are going through some troubling times personally and need to see a therapist. We've seen the same thing in the military, people are afraid to ask for help, because they will be branded as having mental health problems and no longer be allowed to serve. So, will the problem be made worse now? Personally, I know this isn't a gun problem, it is a mental health problem. Mentally health people don't go mow down other human beings - only those with severe mental deficiencies do.

Mental health problem, my ass. Go visit several sanitarium, then talk about mental health. Being mentally enraged about your lot in life isn't Mental Health. Talking to invisible people in the corner, thinking you're a famous spy while dressed in ladies lingerie in a facility, now that's Mental Health.

Comment Re:Seems perfectly reasonable (Score 1) 1591

I would argue that a shotgun loaded with bird shot is a much better option for home defense, but I digress

Shotgun, yes, bird shot, no. Bird shot tends to produce nasty-looking but very shallow wounds which will generally not stop a determined assailant. For an effective man-stopper, you need deeper penetration. Yes, that means that your deeper-penetrating projectiles will also penetrate walls better, but anything that will penetrate a human body sufficiently to have a prayer of stopping an attack will also go through some walls.

There are numerous web sites and YouTube videos that demonstrate the inadequacy of bird shot for home defense. Bird shot is for birds, if you need to shoot people use buck shot.

As for an AR for home defense, it's certainly perfectly functional, and actually doesn't create as much overpenetration risk as is often assumed, due to the tendency of the bullets to tumble and fragment. But a shotgun loaded with buckshot is a more effective man-stopper at close range and will overpenetrate less.

Do me a favor, Stand 20 feet from me while I pump a couple 12 gauge choke enable rounds into you. I bet you don't get pissed off. I bet you're dead.

Comment Re:Seems perfectly reasonable (Score 1) 1591

EVERY GUN is a military derivative firearm you Texas queer...

- Most hunting rifles are based off of Mausers, and Springfields, and other older military designs. - The Winchester Repeating Arms were were developed for the military - The flintlock, another military derivative rifle.

And in the future, when laser guns are viable. They'll be military derivatives.

Yes, and at one time weapons of war were relegated to spears and arrows, both of which suck at long range, you can dodge and are single action. When guns went from bolt action, to hundreds of rounds per second something got lost in your grasp of military grade to consumer grade.

Comment Re:Seems perfectly reasonable (Score 1) 1591

Adam broke into the safe while she was traveling. Then shot her with a .22 rifle when she returned, and finished his plans (a couple of days with her dead on the bed).

Safes keep children and lawyers from guns. There isn't a safe that will withstand a smart and determined attacker with time to get it open.

Horse shit on the safe meme. A cheap gun safe is easy to get into. A professional quality custom made safe or commercial level apparatus is in all practical purposes impossible to breach without access codes, custom keys, etc. Do I have to cite Banks and their safes? Or those who actually own stuff of value worth millions or more? Security systems that need expertise to breach are affordable and available. Adam won't be getting into them.

Bottom line, what sort of moron owns guns when their own adult child is mentally unstable? I'd say hundreds of thousands of Americans fit that bill.

Newtown was coined as one of the safest places to raise a family, yet later we find the town is a gunhaven for god fearing folk. They built their own giant powder keg and never seemed to get that one of their own would light the fuse?

Sorry, but calling this an isolated incident is an insult. We have millions of unemployed adults who own firearms and who see their life styles going into the crapper, yet you think they are all rational, respectable gun owners?

Of course, whenever they go postal I guess its comforting to label them as mentally unstable and thus in need of treatment, instead of addressing the real problem: Unstable economies produce a lot of starving people who will commit crimes [or end the lives of those they feel have wronged them before they take their own lives in acts of desparation].

So instead of fixing the economy we have douchebag GOP members on ideological rants holding a nation hostage [and holding a history of that ideology proven them wrong]; and recognizing that stalemate, several states and soon members of Congress seeing patterns of increased fear have decided to take action you consider foolhardy.

I consider arming everyone in a nation of nearly 320 million people is insane. Most people don't have the coordination to hit a ball with a bat, yet we should arm them? Fuck that.

Three hundred plus million guns in a country where easily over 60-70% of the country doesn't own a gun means we have a concentrated collective group of fear and propaganda overshadowing conscientious traditional hunting advocacy who they themselves should be up in arms for such lax laws on gun ownership and possession.

Since 2002 nearly 100 million have been purchased. For what? Hunting? My ass. Fear drives people to make irrational choices in life. The NRA pipes out fear.

I grew up Hunting and Fishing. I never got excited about a weekly target shooting time. Hunting season came, we hunted several weekends, and then it was over. Today, people blow a nut visiting the gun range on a weekly basis. The mindset is fucked up. It's all fear marketing.

The NRA would love to arm every person in America. That's a good $20-$30 billion in additional powder keg sales!

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