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Comment Re:The New 2012 Model T ? (Score 1) 137

I think about 90% of programming is the skill of the programmer and 10% the language used. When you're good you can do pretty much anything with any language (within reason obviously), when you're bad you're out of luck regardless of which language you choose. Here's an example of tool versus fool:

Part 1 (start at 3:00 mark): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQJKQjXpGQA
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KiC03_wVjc

GAMBAS is a hell of a lot nicer than a cargo van, I'm just addressing people's constant claims about language superiority/inferiority. The results are the only thing that really matters.

Submission + - Open Source IDE GAMBAS Reaches 3.0 (sourceforge.net) 1

Kevin Fishburne writes: "After years of work, creator Benoît Minisini and friends are just in time for New Year's celebrations with the first stable release of GAMBAS 3.

Per their web site, "Gambas is a free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, a bit like Visual Basic (but it is NOT a clone !)."

GAMBAS is component-based, so check out the list for an idea of what you can do with it."


Submission + - Space Quest 2 Remake Released (infamous-adventures.com)

An anonymous reader writes: From the website:
After more than five years of working on the game, bit by bit in their spare time, the team at INFAMOUS ADVENTURES (www.infamous-adventures.com) has released their remake of the 1987 classic, "SPACE QUEST II: Vohaul's Revenge". Originally written and programmed by Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe and released by Sierra On-Line, the game features the hapless hero, janitor Roger Wilco in a rollicking adventure that takes him through space!

Remade in a classic retro "VGA" style, like Sierra's later point and click adventures from the early 1990's, Space Quest II Remake provides hand-drawn backgrounds, hand animated characters, a full voice pack featuring over 4,000 recorded lines and a whole lot of extras and fun. A labor of love and devotion to the original series, the team at Infamous Adventures is proud to be able to release this to the fans, both young and old. Visit www.infamous-adventures.com for more details.

Comment Re:Who does the "USAF Space Command" command? (Score 1) 301

Maybe they just saw Dangaioh for the first time and shit themselves over how high-quality the animation was. After they cross fought the bureaucracy of a functional government, perhaps they also realized that physics theories less than a century old wouldn't hold forever and that better mathematical models would emerge through mechanized observation and analysis rather than human introspection and creativity. Einstein is out, SETI is in. I guess their computers are faster and their lenses broader.

Comment stay and play (Score 1) 516

Perfectionists are never satisfied with their job.

If the money's good, stay there and keep your head down. Suppress your pride. I'm hypervigilant at work, whether it's UPS, Uncle Vito's New York Pizza or IT bullshit. That ravenous attitude of getting things done the best way, all the time and every time, makes everyone look up and take notice. Usually that's bad because no one else wants to work that hard, much less change anything. It's an instinctive gut response from laborers even if the improvement seems mundane (place wax paper behind the lettuce bin to divert the airflow from the cooling vent and subsequently prevent the lettuce from freezing). No change is mundane and most are rejected for insufferably stupid reasons.

Pacify your coworkers and bosses and do something at home that makes you feel like you're changing the world. I'm writing a game. You can write whatever your imagination and spirit have the capacity of envisioning.

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