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Submission + - Possible Security Breach 1

Kevin Fishburne writes: At 1:15 am EST I received an order confirmation from, formerly, for a $64 computer case and a $300 gift certificate, the former being shipped to my address and the latter being sent to the email address As my password for the site would be difficult to crack by brute force or dictionary attacks I believe their site may have been compromised to reveal only usernames and passwords. I don't believe users' payment information has been compromised or they would have used them directly or sold them instead of using the site to place gift card orders. I have since removed my payment methods, changed my password and notified their support staff of the potential breach. If you have an account with Rakuten/Buy, I strongly suggest removing your payment methods and hardening your password.

Submission + - Space Quest 2 Remake Released (

An anonymous reader writes: From the website:
After more than five years of working on the game, bit by bit in their spare time, the team at INFAMOUS ADVENTURES ( has released their remake of the 1987 classic, "SPACE QUEST II: Vohaul's Revenge". Originally written and programmed by Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe and released by Sierra On-Line, the game features the hapless hero, janitor Roger Wilco in a rollicking adventure that takes him through space!

Remade in a classic retro "VGA" style, like Sierra's later point and click adventures from the early 1990's, Space Quest II Remake provides hand-drawn backgrounds, hand animated characters, a full voice pack featuring over 4,000 recorded lines and a whole lot of extras and fun. A labor of love and devotion to the original series, the team at Infamous Adventures is proud to be able to release this to the fans, both young and old. Visit for more details.


Submission + - DNA solves Ned Kelly mystery (

An anonymous reader writes: The remains of notorious Australian bushranger Ned Kelly have been positively identified by a team of Australian and Argentinian forensic scientists.

The team used DNA profiling of bones thought to belong to the famous outlaw, and compared their samples to some taken from one of Kelly's living descendent, an Australian high school teacher.


Submission + - LA Noire developer Team Bondi in administration (

joshgnosis writes: The Aussie developer behind Rockstar's latest, LA Noire has reportedly been placed into administration. The company had recently been plagued by claims of poor working conditions at Team Bondi, while other developers were not credited for their work on the game.

Submission + - Keep the grammatically challenged off the net (

biditm writes: I saw this and thought it deserves a mention. A simple series of CAPTCHAs designed to test one's ability of basic English writing.

I think we have all come across poorly written posts that hurt our eyes and left us wondering why the dude didn't spend the internet access money on food instead.

Submission + - Gaddafi's monitoring of the internet (

riverat1 writes: The Next Web has a story on Muammar Gaddafi's monitoring of the internet and other telecommunications. As you might expect the monitoring was intense. The story names companies that supplied the monitoring software, most notably Amesys, a unit of the French company Bull SA. There is apparently a more detailed story behind the paywall at the Wall Street Journal here.

Submission + - Harry Coover, Super Glue Inventor, Passed Away

ginbot462 writes: Harry Coover, Super Glue inventor, dead at 94,.

I just read some sad news on CNN — Super Glue inventor Harry Coover was found dead in his Tennessee home this Sunday. There weren't any more details. I'm sure everyone in the Slashdot community will miss him — even if you didn't enjoy his work, there's no denying his contributions to popular culture. Truly an American icon.

Just used some yesterday.

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