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Comment Re:Um.... (Score 3, Interesting) 948

and I don't understand what's wrong with that.

It's like saying "There are so many different operating systems for so many different types of hardware that the computer market is too fragmented - so we won't produce any software"

It's silly. If you want those users then you make the software, if you don't then you don't. simple.

BTW, I'm in the throws of switching to Vista after being an Ubuntu user for many years. They don't like my bugs but Microsoft actually seems to care.

Comment PAWAM (Score 1) 580

In these dangerous times when our children are receiving blunt traumas from even their classmates in ever increasing numbers due to violent games that desensitise our children to violence, especially video games that are so easily and cheaply available to even the youngest of children, I urge you all to join PAWAM.

Parents Against Whack-A-Mole is a non-profit organisation dedicate to protecting our children from the modern depravity and cruelty that is now pandemic in today's society. Membership is free, but, even if you don't wish to join, please make a donation today so that we can continue to help those suffering the effects of violent desensitisation.

Yours Faithfully
Tristan Wibberley (General Secretary - PAWAM)

Comment Re:First step: Understand why women have babies. (Score 1) 616

Everybody that has their first child is one of those people that don't have kids. Since you credit having had one with providing the knowledge of the fun that ensues it is clear that the first child is not had for the fun, but the decision is made for some other reason...

Aka, pay attention at the back.

Comment Re:charging (Score 1) 348

Hell, it could /require/ them to buffer the grid.

People could book energy for particular slots of time. The cost of managing grid electricity would plummet.

The electric company would have to manage it to ensure that it really does draw the power it books, and draws it at the right time. But that's okay - it takes the risk out of it for the home-owner and pools it. For the grid operator, the risk is a tiny fraction (you need an awful lot of simultaneous failures to cause them a problem). The grid operator will also be well equipped to estimate the remaining risk, budget it, and limit the customer's liquidity at optimal times to minimise it - things the customer general isn't able to do.

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