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B&W TV Generation Has Monochrome Dreams 343

Ant writes "The Telegraph reports that people over 55 who were brought up watching a monochrome TV set are more likely to dream in black and white, even years later. New research suggests that the type of television you watched as a child has a profound effect on the color of your dreams. While almost all under-25s dream in color, many over-55s, all of whom were brought up with B&W sets, often still dream in monochrome. The study, out ot Dundee University, used a small number of subjects under 25 or over 55 and the results suggest that '... there could be a critical period in our childhood when watching films has a big impact on the way dreams are formed ... [B]efore the advent of black and white television all the evidence suggests we were dreaming in color.'"

Feed Engadget: Multiple Sclerosis patients walk faster thanks to VR technology (

Filed under: Wearables

Using virtual reality technology coupled with sensors, scientists at Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology have developed a system to enable people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis to walk more effectively. The virtual reality tech takes the form of a small screen attached to glasses which projects a moving, virtual ground computed using sensors that measure the user's eye and body movements. This "virtual floor" apparently improves the walking ability of MS sufferers, and helps them to remain stable. The device even improves walking performance after it has been taken off, so patients won't have to look completely awesome with their goggles on 24/7.

[Via TFOT]

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User Journal

Journal Journal: Shuttle goes Linux

"Launch in Germany, further European regions planned.

Shuttle Inc., SFF PC market leader and manufacturer of multi form factor solutions, now offers fully configured systems, based on Intel technology, featuring Novell SUSE Linux operating systems."


Submission + - truthout blocked by AOL/Hotmail ( 1

dolo724 writes: Subscribers to are finding their newsletters sent to the trash by some pretty popular ISPs. Who's in charge now? From the article: "Currently, AOL- and Microsoft-related email providers, including Hotmail, are preventing delivery of a range of Truthout communications to thousands of our subscribers. Such communications include Truthout's regular newsletters and notifications to our subscribers from individual workstations of Truthout administrators informing those subscribers that they are affected."
Operating Systems

Submission + - ReactOS - The Desktop Operating System Revolution ( 1

frik85 writes: "With yesterdays release, ReactOS got nearly 100% binary and API compatible with Win2003 (NT 5.2). And they are aiming for full Vista (NT 6) compatibility.
The ReactOS Win32 subsystem is in the beginning of a total overhaul to make it completely compatible with NT5 and it has had a positive impact on stability and compatibility with Win32 applications. As a generic result of these internal changes, the system feels a lot more stable in comparison to previous releases. ReactOS ships with a bunch of open source default drivers for various hardware devices and of course support for third party NT 5 drivers.
A download utility (unofficially called "ReactOS Package Manager") now contains a set of applications (opensource and shareware apps) which you can install right away in ReactOS with one click of a mouse. And those apps will actually work!
Fresh ReactOS screenshots say more than written words!"

The Courts

Submission + - Whirlpool Sued for $150,000 (

An anonymous reader writes: Whirlpool founder Simon Wright is being sued by accounting software firm 2Clix Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 118 044 198) (Rumor has it they have rebadged their product as Platinum One) for alleged "injurious falsehood". The Statement of Claim from the company alleges that Simon Wright allowed statements "relating to the Plaintiff and its software product that are both false and malicious" to be published on the Whirlpool forums. 2Clix is suing for at least $150,000 (plus costs), and is demanding that two forum threads be removed from the site. Whirlpool believes the action has no merit and will defend the matter vigorously,despite being a community website with little resources.

Submission + - Salt water as new fuel source? 5

roeman writes: David Templeton from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote a nice article regarding John Kanzius' discovery that salt water could "burn" when subjected to certain radio frequencies. The discovery was an unexpected find while Kanzius was trying to desalinate the water (an attempt that was also secondary to his main goal of targeting cancer cells for demolition). The salt water's chemical bonds are actually weakened with the radio waves, allowing the hydrogen to act as a fuel source once ignited. "The generator then burns the hydrogen gas at almost 3000 degrees Fahrenheit."

We'd call balderdash on a hypothetically unlimited energy source, but it's been verified... from TFA: "Rustum Roy of Penn State University, has confirmed the results and has replicated the burning at his university labs..."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - BBC to offer content via XBox 360

An anonymous reader writes: Not content with shunning Linux and Mac users (for the time being at least) it now seems the BBC will add insult to injury by rolling out the iPlayer to the Xbox 360. Nice one BBC, you are really moving in the right direction!

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