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Comment Re:When Opera does it, it's OK, when Dolphin does (Score 1) 179

Opera Mini grants them complete access, as by design, it routes all traffic through their system so they can compress it and send it to you. Opera Mobile is more like Opera Desktop where it gives you the option to turn that function on, Opera Turbo I believe its called. Though I do not know whether they collect your browsing habits by default.

I use all three, desktop, mobile for when I am on wifi and dont care how much data is used, and Mini for when I am using my mobile data plan.

Comment Re:What happened to the constitution? (Score 1) 578

A few months back I was traveling El Centro to San Diego about once every other week and had to deal with that. When I left, I actually got an agent with a sense of humor when I crossed into AZ. I had a bunch of expensive stuff in the backseat with a blanket over it and the agent asked if there was anyone hiding under the blanket and I responded with "God I hope not", he actually chuckled and waved me by.

The agent that stopped me in New Mexico didnt seem to have a sense of humor though, so it was all yessir and nosir with him. I swear I saw a cavity search in my future there. Alabama tags and license, lived in Texas and was coming from El Centro. (I had just moved from AL to TX and then went out to CA for a few months to take care of my dad after his surgery).

I always hate when they ask me all those questions, even though I've done nothing wrong it makes me feel like I have.

Comment Re:Random Freezing (Score 1) 129

I too have been using Opera for years on various OS's and machines. I've recently noticed the problem using Opera in Ubuntu since 10.10. I dont use my Windows7 partition enough to notice if it affects that OS as well, nor my Android phone. It used to only happen when I visited, but lately it just kind of happens all over. Not frequently enough to really piss me off, just like maybe once every few days for 10-20 secs at a time.

I also encounter a weird bug where text input wont work unless I give focus to the desktop and then return to the Opera window.

I still prefer Opera to all other browsers I have tried though. I've been using and upgrading it since 9.x, so I still have the older user interface, not the new "glass" effect one. I really dont like that one much.

Comment Re:Facebook? Has he sold out or what? (Score 4, Insightful) 108

Well, I'd imagine he has quite a bit of lawyer bills to pay right now so a good paying job is probably a good idea for him. I don't see how you would think it equates to working for Sony. Facebook didn't take him to court.

They're saying that he is going to be working on the iOS app, so at least he is doing something he knows. After thinking about it, I'm surprised something like this didn't happen sooner. He knows iOS pretty well, it only makes sense that he would get a job somewhere making apps for it, and Facebook is one of the bigger companies with a more hacker friendly attitude.

Comment Re:So that was the end of that chapter (Score 1) 353

Just because a lot of people bought it doesnt make it good though. People who dont read reviews and pay attention to the gaming world will buy almost anything. I too was all psyched about a lot of those rehashes until I rented them or read the reviews. A lot of people bought a game becuase they saw it and thought to themselves "Hey, I loved that game as a kid, and now its updated to run on my new shiny console!" and then realized the only reason it was fun when they were kids was because they were kids and that was the best there was at the time.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 84

They may not have had handsets available, but they had the mobile access points and usb dongles.

Kind of off topic but I dont understand the need for speeds that fast on a phone, unless you are tethering. But a couple of mbps is enough to stream video to your phone. Hell, the 22mbps offered by LTE is faster than most peoples home wired connection. (Not saying they shouldnt offer it, I just dont see why so many people are so excited about it)

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 84

Except that CDMA is only used by a handful of carriers worldwide, while everyone else uses GSM. While I know that that doesnt make GSM better, it means that if you cant use your CDMA phone when you travel abroad unless you go to the few countries that use it. (Which for a lot of people is a non-issue, but for the people it affects, its kind of a big issue)

Comment Wow (Score 3, Insightful) 84

Five whole cities?

Seriously though, why didnt they do this when VZW started doing it, instead of spending so much on advertising about how awesome their network was (when it wasnt). If they would have taken the advertising dollars and actually spent it on the network to make it do what they claimed it could, maybe people wouldnt constantly rate them the lowest in customer satisfaction.

Comment Re:It was only a matter of time (Score 1) 301

Or hating all of Sony for the SonyBMG rootkit fiasco, SCEx getting hacked, etc. SonyBMG (music label), SCEx (SCEA, SCEJ and whatever the European one is, SCEE?) (game console), SOE (software), and whatever the name of the Sony hardware division is. They may all be called Sony, but they are all different divisions that dont have any say/control/knowledge what the others do. SonyBMG used to be pissed about the hardware division creating mp3 players around 2000, as they saw anything that played mp3's as a piracy enabler.

So basically hate Sony for whatever reason you want, just make sure you are hating the correct part of Sony. Untill the removal of otherOS, I always thought it was stupid when people would whine like little girls about the whole rootkit thing, SCEx had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it, so not buying a Playstation because SonyBMG messed up your computer always seemed to me like hating your neighbors friendly spouse because your neighbor stole your newspaper.

Anyway, it just gets me that people who understand that Anonymous is a collective of a bunch of different cliques that sometimes share goals and all use the same banner dont get that many massive corporations are basically separate companies that all share the same name.

Comment Re:Hire better people? (Score 4, Informative) 153

They did not store the passwords in cleartext, from the PSN Blog:

"One other point to clarify is from this weekend’s press conference. While the passwords that were stored were not “encrypted,” they were transformed using a cryptographic hash function. There is a difference between these two types of security measures which is why we said the passwords had not been encrypted. But I want to be very clear that the passwords were not stored in our database in cleartext form. For a description of the difference between encryption and hashing, follow this link."

Comment Clam AV (Score 2) 396

I use clamav. I'm currently running a dual boot setup with Win7, but its only used for gaming (once a month or so) and for a few programs that I've only gotten to run without a hiccup in windows. Since I dont use it all that often, I also dont update it all that often, so having an AV run from outside the OS seems like its not a bad idea.

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