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Comment opinion (Score 4, Interesting) 211

I think that Android's future depends not on Google but on the devices that run it. Apple has the advantage of controlling both the platform and the device. So you know that whatever you develop for the iPhone it will work. But Android resembles more the PC market where there are different memory capacities, 3d acceleration or not, multi touch or not, keyboard or not, etc. That's why I don't play games on my PC and I bought a separate games console. Because I don't want to care about requirements.

Comment Re:Symbian and Windows Mobile (Score -1) 385

Well ... duuuuuh. Hmm .. I'll write my app here that ... let's say ... tweets your gps coordinates .. or whatever. Yeey .. it's accepted people are installing it. Now let's develop this "innocent" update that tweets your coordinates to these twitter accounts along with your phone number, a few/all contacts, email accounts if possible, etc. Don't write software for any mobile platform but no android phone yet with dedicated 3d/multimedia chip. That's why iPhone is so smooth. Because 2 hands is better than one.

Comment Re:don't believe it (Score -1) 539

Newage Skeptic: even if you do what you say how do you know it will work?
Scientist: our theories suggest that it will work
Newage Skeptic: but sometimes my car keys, I lose them and..
Scientist: that's it. If it too can't remember where it left the car keys then we will know it worked. It's brilliant!

Comment Re:o.k. (Score 0) 264

I guess it's true that what you don't know can't hurt you.
It's like being a cop and having a teen daughter. Knowing all the dangers out there you can't just let her go to this one party, can't you? I guess that's why she's so paranoid about it.
Whenever I see overprotective/overkill I don't even try to understand why. I just know that there are some people who live their lives in fear and there's us who don't mind going to the bank, paying bills the old way, you know ... socializing. I see the Internet as just another way of communication. nothing more

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