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Comment 64 is a bad number for switching ugh. (Score 1) 147

Finding switches to do this would just suck. Most home switches are 8 port. So if you buy 9, 8 port switches and one 16 port 10 gig switch plug 7 in each of the first 9 switches that would get you to 63 that would leave one to plug into the hub. Plus each 8 port would need to be gig unless you can buy switches with single gig. or 4, 16 port gig switches with a ten gig uplink to a 10 gig switch any way you need enough to plug in all 64 +1 for the head node. any which way this is a switching nightmare. The head node needs a 10 gig so that it can handle all 64 nodes at 100 mbps. Each set of 8 gets close to a gig network traffic for the head node. so 64 nodes is 6400 mbps that is why I say 10 gig. Maybe I'm missing something but it seems complicated.

Comment Re:News Flash (Score 1) 626

The problem how I see it is that as they claim they can not overdose so they just keep admitting the drug. This continues to do damage. From what I have seen they don't just smoke a little they fill the room. My only close experiance was I had to help a friend move out of a place where his room mates where lighting it up. It can be smelled a block away in most cases I have come across with how far I smell it I doubt they are doing just a little.

Comment Math is a very broad subject (Score 1) 1086

I think every one uses it at some level. There are many abstract ideas in math that apply everywhere. Like the concept of transativity. Addition is certainly used by everyone. You add in combinding things. Learning computer science has brought me to a new understanding of what math really is. Math is more than number and symbols. Some of us see it better in numbers and symbols and computers certainly can only really understand things as binary represented numbers.

Comment One more correction: AOL and bigger ISPs made it. (Score 1) 257

Without the selling and usage the internet would have never been. Without contributing hardware and money to stay interconnected the ISPs would have just been isolated hubs. Before ISPs the internet was only a pipe dream. If AOL or companies like it had never existed the disinterest would have continued and the internet would have been a flop. Love it or hate the same goes for Microsoft and the computer.

Comment I know its cheating but ... (Score 1) 179

I typed it up in the format that the commandline program sudoku couls understand and it solved it flatout. I made a file with the following %World's hardest sudoku: can you crack it? 8........ ..36..... .7..9.2.. .5...7... ....457.. ...1...3. ..1....68 ..85...1. .9....4.. then ran it like so sudoku -n hardest_suduko.txt you can cheat using v solves instantly even with a slow computer.

Comment Major contributors to climate change (Score 1) 616

Air conditioners and black top roads contribute an awful lot to climate change. I still wonder if evaporative cooling is really worse for the environment or better than refrigerated air. The amount of extra electricity in the fan and usage of clean water it puts water vapor to the environment (which might even help). vs heating the outside air more to cool down the inside via using a compressor with lots of electricity to use. I think cement roads contribute less to warming than black tops.

Comment Gives me some ideas (Score 1) 329

Small subs that go down deep enough to avoid the turbulence at the surface but shallow enough that it could use solar power and use sonar for communications. People could drop mics and speakers in the sea for a water based internet even. Or even blimps from an air tube (along with needed wires) tether that the under water subs could use as an antenna. and refill the blimps with hydrogen from electrolysis. The blimps could probably be used for the solar array as well.

Comment Don't free apps make more money? (Score 1) 214

I'd think advertisers indirectly pay the company for the free versions of their apps. Advertisers pay continually where as if you buy it its a one time fee. So I'd bet the advertisers make more money for the company than the sum of all the people that pay for it. Just a guess. Personally I don't mind a few ads. My battery needs a work out anyways I'm hardly pulling 70% off of it and even at that it seems a waist to plug it in at night. If I leave it unplugged for the night its down to 10% which is too low so its always a guess on what I should do. Hopefully it uses some smart management to evenly where out the cells on the battery. Eat at Joe's

Comment Re:Gasp! Obama... Wr... Wrong?? (Score 2) 807

I also like Gary Johnson who is now running Libertarian. Although I don't like Ron Paul's foreign policy it could save us trillions and would make a lot of anti war people happy. I'm worried about what might happen as we remove ourselfs from the rest of the world. Them 2 (Paul and Johnson) are the only 2 politicians thus far that I trust speak their minds.

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